Monday, January 7, 2013

Nothing says "community" like a Longhorn Tow War.

Golden Dragon no like you eating the Longhorn.
Nothing says community like businesses in a parking lot war, with a Chinese lady hiding behind the wall, sneaking out to tag your car with a a Post-It note that says "tow" while you're eating in the neighboring establishment. That's right, if you're not eating at Golden Dragon then you're likely getting your car towed.

I was lucky enough to have moved my car before hand while waiting on a table. But I didn't notice the Post-It note till we came out of dinner at Longhorn on Battleground Avenue. That's when we decided to figure things out. We hid in the car waiting till this crazy Chinese woman jumped out from behind the wall and ran over to people's cars marking them for tow.

I decided to confront her. Then I ripped off the stickers of my co-Longhorn-patrons and felt vindicated.

Tow, Tow, Tow!
I realize she's upset that people aren't coming to eat her Chinese food. I get that, but it's not very neighborly and definitely doesn't send a very nice community message during a time when lots of people are visiting from out of town.

She says injustice, I say it's a tragedy of the parking lot commons. Either way, I'll be certain not to eat her Chinese food anytime soon.

Considering I just returned from four months abroad, nothing feels more like home than greed, vengeance,  and people towing other people. Tis the reason for the season, eh?


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