Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Greensbroken in E Lot

Lee Street hole to where? Occasionally someone will try to
put a stick over it, to save someone from some expensive
emergency health-care, but no one seems to want to fix it.
E Lot. Students fear it, and I haven't figured it out. I love it. I get a nice walk, cheap parking, and never have to circle a stall like a vulture and its prey. They pile into the UNCG Chariots (The intra UNCG public transportation system) like cattle leaving for market. It's truthfully only two blocks from school, and the idea of the cost of the vehicles, drivers, gas, and upkeep on the system (which is all GPS tracked) seems mind-boggling expensive to me (no wonder our parking costs rival tuition of some schools). There's a lovely side-walk but no one uses it. It really makes no sense to me. I can't be the only one who likes to walk it, can I?

Of course there are a few problems along the way. Bare wiring hanging from telephone poles, and open holes in the side-walk that would definitely give you a nasty ankle break if you didn't know it's there. Sure they're building another new parking lot on Aycock, which has subsequently dug up the sidewalk, and I always seem to get nasty looks and honks when I cross the road. "I'm sorry you have to wait in your SUV with its climatization as I TRY TO WALK to school!!!" For some reason I recall, learning as a child, that pedestrians have the right-away? No, you wouldn't know it around here. A sense of entitlement from those addicted to their gross-polluters, and cup holders filled with Mountain Dew and vodka. I'm sorry you have problem, but me and the other three people of UNCG who actually use the side-walks would like to request your sorry ass wait a few extra seconds, perhaps burning a calorie, while pressing on the brake pedal.
You know what I'd love. If they'd finally shut Spring Garden Street down
to pedestrians only on-campus. Oh and a few repairs here.

Of course, I think they should do away with all the Chariots, minus one, for the handicap and the fat people who pretend to be. People should have to walk. My rule is, if you can see it, you can walk to it. We make it far to easy in this country, in Greensboro, for people to ruin it for others. I don't want to breath your smog, I don't want your parking-lot taking up room on campus where we could have another building, and I certainly don't want your pretentious road repairs to take precedence over a simple sidewalk that remains broken just like our inability to enable eco-green, happy citizens, who would rather dance down side-walks that be filled with bitter road-rage behind their Chevrolet Tahoe that seats 8, but carries a lone passenger as they run  me down in the intersection.

E-Lot, I freaking love E-lot.


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