Saturday, January 25, 2014

UNCG's Best: Manhattan Pizza and Subs

Greasy, zesty, and delicious- It's the perfect, post-party study food.

I'm a senior now at UNCG, in my final semesters, and I find it weird that this last week was the first time I had ever been to Manhattan Pizza and Subs on Tate Street. It does lack the name-brand attractiveness many of the area eateries have (like Chipotle, etc.), and the interior is a bit dated. This in part may result in a less than gracious review by some on the internet (I've checked prior to writing this). However, UNCG students are notoriously finicky when it comes to their image they portray in public, and eating is a public activity. This isn't the North Face of campus dining, but it is a quiet hide-a-way that evades the crowed lines of the chain restaurants, and that in my opinion, is a restaurant makes really great food (at the expense of being cool).
Chance and his steak and cheese.

My favorite steak and cheese in Greensboro is by far, Penn Station, but I'll be honest, Manhattan's 12 inch, number 12 surprised me both in quality, size and taste (It's really, really good). They use real bread, a seasoned sort of Italian bread that is toasted with real shaved steak. Topped with your typical ingredients like provolone, lettuce, tomato and their special house dressing, it's a deliciously huge sandwich that comes together as an awesome University style fat sandwich. The flavors are just perfect.

It wasn't just me either, Chance (my son) who was out sick from school, and was tagging along with us and our classes, loved it. Shannon ordered a vegetarian falafel pita, and was happy with her choice.

Obviously I can't speak for their pizza, and Manhattan Subs may not have the shine or lure that other campus food options have, but I kind of like it's off-beat "it's not for everybody" attitude. Considering The Caf is always full, and serves the crappiest, unhealthiest, salt-laden food I've ever eaten, I'd take take my fellow student's opinions into consideration, but not let the status-quo dictate what's really good or not.


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