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Clinton's Roar vs Trump's Dystopia Public Relations - Who will win?

As a registered Democrat I must admit that Trump's public outreach has been far better than Hillary's (generally and excluding when he goes off the rails). The above video is an ideal example of well written communications and how they can go viral. However, we must remember that these are not Trump's words but the work of a speech writer working behind the scene. Considering America is a country of the Hollywood blockbuster it astounds me the poor level of speech writing not only in this election but in public relations in general. This video is obviously one of the better examples despite Trump's generally free-scripted antics that come across as less than presidential.

While there is an argument that there is a vacancy of intelligent word-smithing, there's no guarantee that such methods are effective with the voting base. The times of Winston Churchill rallying a country to win with mere words may not work with a country like America. A country of instantaneous, me, culture.  Though if we pay close attention to Trump's ad, we realize it's more of an emotional plea rather than a logical argument. He makes an emotional connection demonizing the very office and party he is running for. He's in essence arguing against his own success but it works because most people 'feel' in cliches and never spend the time to analyze the irony of Trump's message.

For Hillary's latest video, she skips all the antics of a speech and uses proxies (both symbols and people) to punch you in the gut with a bit of emotional guilt and a lot of uplifting feel good Katy Perry music. I'm a fan of combining visual and audio content to create a precise on-the-mark message that gets straight to the point. In this case, Hillary says vote for me if you give a damn. It's a positive message rather than a negative one, though there is some level of parental threatening which might once again alienate millennials who see her as antiquated.

Who will win this election? Both candidates have definitely saved the best for last. From a public relations perspective we've seen fumbled words, pant suits that look like they were made from curtains and a ton of Trump antics in horrible baseball caps. It's been a fashion nightmare, a pr disaster and here we are at the end of it.  I don't think anyone truly knows what will happen, because no one ever expected it to get this far. For the first time in a modern election, I have no clue who is going to win. Then again, this election was never about what's best, it's about how you feel.

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