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Area 51 Vs Mount Weather

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Published on Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:16 pm
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A while back Ed Cone eluded that my suspicions of a conspiracy behind 9/11 were misguided and didn't account for the numerous bodies, and people who disappeared when the jumbo jets hit the Pentagon and the twin towers. He made a good point. While I agree there is a large amount of evidence to the contrary, I'd say Ed's anecdote is the correct one. We must assume, at the respect of those families that there isn't a conspiracy, and that those individual aboard the 9/11 flights did die that day at the hands of Muslim extremists.

But then there's the part of me that wonders about other things. I mean did the Roswell crash really happen? While I'm firmly convinced 9/11 isn't a conspiracy, I find myself assured that an alien space craft did crash land in the Desert. Now for me that invites a complex dilemma that says "yes my government lies" but "I trust you on 9/11".

OK lets drop the 9/11 thing. We know the government lies, but this is just too painful of a subject for alot of us to talk about, and I've made my point.


But where my problem comes in, is Area 51 and Mount Weather. Why the secrecy. Are we to assume that the supposedly non-existent air-force base is only a secret test-bed for experimental aircraft? Even when the base was purportedly "no longer in use" according to the government, runways were being enlarged and new buildings were being erected based on satellite photography.

Why pretend it's not there when anyone with Google maps, and a laptop can see it, let alone our enemies. Why not just call it a airplane test facility?

It's almost as if they set themselves up for the lie, never expecting consumer technology to amass to the limits it has. The lies work well with pre-90ish technology but implies guilt when they fail to provide a better explanation and obvious proof.

There has got to be more there. Far more. Enough information, technology, and conspiracy that its so important to keep it sealed away from public knowledge, that those in charge are afraid it's release would severely effect public opinion or even invoke mass-hysteria.

Forget the guy who claims he worked there and saw the garaged ships, and alien technology. Forget that the prime-minister of England from 1979-1990, Margaret Thatcher has been quoted saying that "If you knew what really is going on, you'd understand why it's secret." Okay that was paraphrasing, but many people assume that was Margaret's wink and nod to those who want more information.

Seriously if someones got a better explanation, I'm willing to listen. I'm tempted to say we may have technology far superior then what is in the public hands, or for that matter other countries. Or then again, maybe they're just making new fancy airplanes out there in the middle of the desert.

Yeah right.

Which brings us to Mount Weather. It's Area 51's lesser known but equally conspiracy driven area outside of Washington D.C.

Originally a cold-war era complex capable of holding Government officials safe below in it's caves while the rest of us suffer from a nuclear suntan, and our children grow 3 eyes. Remember Deep Impact? (I think that's the idea.) But today we know even less about the complex then we do of area 51. It's completely secret and no one knows whats going on. Is is still primed as an alternative Washington D.C in case the original is destroyed? Is it a secretive society separating the imperialistic elite from the rest of us? The closest piece of information was the line of government cars, limos, and some vehicle with Michael Jackson standing on it rolling into the checkpoint entrance following the planes hitting the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001.

If it really is simply a "back up D.C"; then, again why the secrecy. "Duh Liv, we don't want the Muslim extremist to know where it is." ... Um.... "I betcha Osama has heard about Wikipedia, people." I mean isn't that exactly the opposite response of the so called explanation they're giving? If it's supposed to be secret so know one knows about it, but in reality we all know, isn't that kinda counter-productive. They (our government) have to know that too. (well maybe not, we are talking about Bush.) So if they know: we know, and they still tell us it's secret for security, then there must be another answer. Doesn't there? The lies mount, and yes it's either a conspiracy, or something greater, because if it isn't we're just spending billions of dollars to create a huge joke with Mount Weather and area 51. A joke on us, as the the government plays around in there underground Hearst castle and their fancy desert oasis.

So now that I'm convinced. What the hell are they hiding there?
trust me when I say Area 51 is a case of throwing the conspiracy dogs a bone.

It is in the public eye enough, on purpose, to keep the focus off the tighter security place in Nevada and NM.

You get a real feel for this when you land "somewhere north" of Nellis AFB, NV and when you open up the plane door (I was a maintenance guy on a KC-10) and the Security guys in masks and black BDUs tell you to stay on the plane until instructed to come off.

We picked up cargo, which was heavily guarded during loading. It wasn't particularly big or heavy. I saw the tarp-covered pallets. Easily could have fit into a semi. Wasn't really fragile either because the cargo loaders were not the best and banged it around.

We were basically told if we went back in the cargo area in flight we'd be prosecuted immediately.

Couple security guys flew with us in transit. We hauled it to somewhere about an 2.5 hours by flight (although I think we circled for most of that to avoid giving us any concpet of distance), landed, met by similar security guys, dropped cargo, and flew home. KC-10 is an aerial refueler and we had fighter escort for the entire flight. I'm guessing they picked our type plane in case we had to stay in the air longer with the fighters. We could refuel them if needed.

Always made me wonder what exactly what had to be hauled by plane that couldn't have been driven over road.

I've heard very simular things from other family members who've served.
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