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Carvel Ice Cream Cakes

by shannon | Published on June 20th, 2009, 12:10 pm | Food
School's out! The blazing sun high in the sky is all the permission you need to treat your well deserving family to a yummy ice cream treat. Before you run out and spend more than $20 on that frozen dessert for your hot BBQ, let me enlighten you . Since working as the cake decorator for a grocery store I have seen many eyes grow larger and heard many grumbles when people return after dropping nearly thirty dollars on ice cream with no cake in the middle. Carvel ice cream is no doubt delicious, however their pricey ice cream cakes do not actually have cake inside. These cakes consists of one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla ice cream separated by "crunchies" and iced with whipped topping. The "crunchies" are like candy bar flakes.
My suggestion is to buy a regular cake and slip on over to Carvel for a tub of yummy goodness.
I must admit that Carvel ice cream is truly spectacular. I had never even heard of it until I moved away from California. I was raised on Baskin Robbins ice cream. In their honor I have to let you know that their ice cream cakes are actually made with cake and ice cream. They have all different flavors and creative designs. It's up to you, and of course it all depends on your budget and preference. I just wanted to inform you and let you make an educated decision.
No matter where your ice cream cake comes from there is one universal rule. EAT UP BEFORE IT MELTS!

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