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Best Mexican in Greensboro: Carniceria El Mercadito

by Liv | Published on August 10th, 2010, 3:27 pm | Food
best mexican restaurant in greensboro.jpg

It's time to revisit this article. A lot has changed at Carnicera El Marcadito but the food hasn't. It still has the best, hands-down, tacos I've ever eaten. I've been a lot of place, ate a lot of Mexican and these most definitely rival anything I've had here, in Mexico, or elsewhere. If you'll remember my original review I wrote:


    I'm about to write and tell you of the most important Mexican food place in Greensboro. It's not fancy, it doesn't even have tables. It's what you call in Spanish a "Taquería" or taco stand. Hands down, this is the best, most real, authentic place in Greensboro. But don't take my word for it, look at this:


Of course, as I was saying a lot has changed. Recently they moved into an old (BoHogs/Rock Ola) restaurant location on Muirs Chapel Road. They've combined with "Panaderia El Buen Gusto" (a Mexican bakery) to form what I like to call the Mega Mexican Market! They now have tables, chairs, and shelves of fresh baked goods, that rival more expensive local "posh" bakeries.

    Okay.... what not to expect. Don't be a "Whitey!" While I'm certain they'll understand some level of Spanglish, this is a place that will leaves the gringos turned off. The menu is in Spanish, it's in a Spanish store, and you'll want to skip it because you're to scared to absorb some culture... but do it! What's more is I'm going to tell you exactly what to order!!!


This isn't necessarily true either. I noticed today they have a English menu in addition to the Spanish menu. They also had several people on staff which seemed to be able to translate. You may still find a need for some minor Spanish, but it's relatively easy. Simply go to the back counter/grill in the back of the building which is run by no less than two identical Mexican sisters who make tacos. This is where you say I'd like [one=uno, two=dos, three=tres] "order of Tacos" and then you need to decide if you want it "Con Al pastor" which is pork marinated in Achiote and vinegar, or "Con [carne] Asada" which is steak or "con chorizo" which is Spanish Sausage (not my favorite, and I don't recommend you first time,) or "con pollo" (with chicken.) Further more if you show up on the weekends they do a special "carnitas" (my favorite) that isn't available during the week. If you'd like everything on it, they often get confused but saying "todo" (which means everything) (or totale meaning "sum") generally does the trick. This includes cheese, cilantro, lettuce and tomatoes.

best tacos ever.jpg

    ...and, that's it. Next you stand around while some Mexican looking guy with the face of Joey from "FRIENDS" works up his best English and asks "How youz doin?".... and... a few minutes later and for about five dollars (yes, only five dollars) you leave with the most beautiful, wonderful four taco platter you've ever seen. Complete with a grilled pepper, onions, and piled high with cilantro, avocados, queso de fresco, and tomatoes. Scarf it down in your car, or on your hood... I single handedly guarantee you this is the best Mexican you've ever had in Greensboro.


    It reminded me of a little Taquería down in Saticoy I use to eat at when I first moved to Ventura. It's authentic, it's real, and it's good. It's not Americanized burritos like Moe's, nor even your local "Authentic" Mexican restaurant, which is really an Americanized version that tricks white people into believing it's Mexican.... this is, really.... the real deal.

It's the best Mexican food restaurant in Greensboro.

    Of course on your way out you can always pick up some sugar cane, spices or warm home-made tortillas for some home-made Mexican food adventures of your own.

Of course we also grabbed some baked goods today which you purchase by grabbing a tray and tongs, stack it high and take it to the counter for purchase. We purchased about 10 items for just over $6.00. I recommend the rectangle thingys with the cream cheese. Muy deliciouso!


    Carniceria El Mercadito
    103 Muirs Chapel Rd
    Greensboro, NC 27410
    336 855-5722

Tried the tacos (with the help of another patron to translate). You are right -- fantastic!
August 19th, 2010, 1:54 pm

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