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How to make stuffed crust pizza at home.

by Liv | Published on September 5th, 2009, 7:39 pm | Food
Scott was asking for pictures of my stuff crust pizza. I didn't bother taking them earlier because of laziness. Well, that and I have to be careful what I put on-line since so much of what I cook is in the book now. It's a double edged sword that I can't post it online, but right now I feel preserving the rights to my work is fairly important. That said, this is one of the recipes which can be made from stuff on Greensboring already. The kids loved it so much, I decided what the heck... let's make one for dinner too, and take some pics.

First... your going to need some dough to make this pizza. Next your going to need some marinara. I haven't actually posted my marinara recipe online, though you could easily use this one from my Russian pasta dish, and just leave out the vodka... (or leave it in depending on how you feel.... I've done this, and it's great!) Then just collect your topping and follow along....


1) Grab your dough and your baking sheet.


2) Lightly spray your sheet with non-fat olive oil spray, and sprinkle with corn meal.


3) Spin your dough and work the pizza.


4) Grab some cheese.


5) Cut the cheese (no jokes) and arrange cheese chunks in a circular fashion


6) Add a circular ring of pepperoni to Stonehenge ring of pizza


7) Fold the dough over on itself, and seal the edges together with your fingers.


8) work the dough some more from the center outwards to enlarge the pizza to it's full size again.


9) Now we add our sauce. Some people add the cheese first... you decide.


10) Now the rest of cheese.


11) ...and the pepperoni...


12) ...the ham...


13) ...now the fattest part of the pizza... the black olives....


14) ...and finally the green peppers and onions....


15) Shove the whole thing in the oven for about 10-12 minutes at a preheated 450... and wait....


My way is lower fat, better tasting, and of course... a heck of a lot cheaper then getting a pizza out. The kids will actually eat their crust on this pizza, and I don't have to wait for it to be delivered. Better yet it goes great with a Guinness.


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