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Healthy Rice Crispy Treat Recipe.

by Liv | Published on August 8th, 2008, 1:30 pm | Food
Yesterday I had a meeting over at the Guilford County Schools administration, but had a few hours to blow first. I ran by moes for lunch over in the Lawndale shopping center for an orgasmic burrito, and then doubled back to Earth Fare for a few items. I was on a mission for some stuff to make granola bars, and rice crispy treats. After spending several minutes in the dry oats section realizing I have no clue how to proceed, I moved forward on the crispy treats.

It really is a no brainer. Rice Crispy treats are already fairly healthy (minus the sugar) because there is very little fat. I just wanted to up the notch, and whole-grain puffed brown rice is the way to go. For me there is little or no difference in taste between the brown puffed rice and the white puffed rice. In order to make the healthy rice crispy treats, you also are going to need a bag of marshmallows, and to make it more healthy, some low-fat butter.

It goes together just the same as normal rice-crispy treats, and the kids ate them without hesitation.

Healthy Krispy treat Ingredients:
3 tablespoons of "light" or "low fat" butter.
Non-fat cooking spray
1 box (10-12oz) of sugar free or lightly sugared brown puffed rice (approx 6 cups)
1 bag of mini-marshmallows (approx 4 cups)

Healthy Crispy Treats directions:
Nuke the butter in a bowl
pour mellows in bowl, and stir and liquefy
add puffed rice.
Coat a small baking dish or pan with non-fat spray
add rice/butter/mellow mixture into pan.
level and flatten
cool, cut and eat.

Perfect for cubicle cooking too....

They really did turn out good. Sticky, tasty, and yummy. Who knew eating good tasted so great?

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