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Lowest Flowing Shower Head

by Liv | Published on June 23rd, 2011, 12:39 pm | Science
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So our 1.5 gallon water-head finally died. While in Dallas the water restricter must have blew out due to the massive amounts of water pressure in the area. While I didn't quite expect to spend the money, I had my eye on the Bricor line of shower heads. They're the most water efficient lowest flowering shower heads in the industry. They even have one that only flows .5 a gallon. We of course have grown fond of the European style hand shower and were delighted to find out they made a 1.1 flow version. That's an immediate savings of .4 gallons of water per minute over the leading low flow shower head (1.4 gallon over traditional, and as much as 3.4 gallons over your 8 year or older shower heads) which should pay for the shower head in time, and even better give us the feeling we're doing good in the world by saving money.

Today we got it in the mail. It's nice and seems to be built better than the previous model we had purchased at Wal-Mart. It included not only the hand-held shower piece, but the chrome hose and the adapter/holder that mounts on to the pipe. The construction of the adapter may have to be better made due to the need to the secure fit and tightness required due to the increased stress and pressure from this low-flow shower head.

So I took my first shower with it today. Surprisingly it still feels like a lot of water is coming out. It's easy to "do good in the world" when you don't feel like you're sacrificing all that much. The best part is I'm back to having endless hot water (even though we've reduced the temperature of the the water heater) and lower electric and water bills. I highly recommend these shower heads. If you're serious about being responsible, and green while still enjoying a great shower... than this is for you.