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The Ancient Astronaut Theory

by Liv | Published on January 28th, 2007, 11:31 am | Science
I've touched on the Ancient Astronaut theory on several occasions, but frankly I've never dived into it on a separate subject alone. Maybe it's the idea that most people consider it rubbish, or the fact that most people who have taken the idea seriously are hardly scientifically credentialed, but is the idea so far fetched, that it couldn't be true?

If your not familiar with what the Ancient Astronaut Theory is, then let me explain. Basically it involves, all of us dumb cavemen running around the earth living in caves, and beating animals over the head with large wooden clubs. Then one day, something happens. Despite mankind living on earth for 6 million years; suddenly, a few thousand years ago we understood mathematics, language, engineering, and religion was formed. Suddenly, we could build pyramids, and great monuments, all built within millimeters of absolute north. Our understanding of religion helped explain the unknown powers of Gods, who actually were aliens who had came and by some means provided mankind with these new understandings.

Sound strange? Maybe. But with the mathematical likeliness that almost certainly suggest many other planets with intelligent life, is it so unthinkable that we may have been helped by visitors from a more advanced race?

I'm not saying I believe, but you've got to wonder when you consider the druid's Stonehenge, and the great pyramids. Sure I've watched the discovery channel and seen it proven that man can do it, but I've also read that for the pyramids to be built in the 20 years it took, it would take laying one of those huge blocks several times a second, non-stop for 20 years. Seems unlikely.

My biggest piece of evidence in believing the Ancient Astronaut Theory is the time gap. The length of time man has been on earth, but yet suddenly a few thousand years ago we had technology to build batteries, and mechanical devices like the Antikythera mechanism. Furthermore ancient humans had an understanding of certain planets, we wouldn't be able to technologically see until the 1800s.

It's not as if I am trying to make myself believe, contrarily, I'm trying to refute or explain some obvious questions, like ancient hieroglyphs from Egypt.


Sure, you could write this off as coincidence or hoax, but if it's true, these are shockingly questionable signs that technology existed in the past involving flying apparatuses.

It's not exactly one thing that sparks my interest in the Ancient astronaut theory, it's a culmination of various things. Take for instance Peru's Nazca lines, which appears to be a runway of some sort. Of course no one knew it was there until we began flying, and could see it from above.

1820nascawedge.gif (32.58 KiB) Viewed 110 times

Then there is the art, and artifacts that range from ancient to modern, all depicting oddly similar themes with odd objects in the sky. The most famous is the painting of the Madonna and Saint Giovannino, although as this suggests, many others purport the exact same image:

Conspiracy, a big joke, or a serious explanation for the unexplainable? Sure some of you will laugh at the idea of aliens visiting the earth and planting the seeds of mankind, but it might just be less laughable than many religious explanations out there today. But if you really want a good conspiracy to get behind, that is absolutely laughable, I compel you to Google Saddam's stargate". Yes that's right, we are at war with Iraq, not because of oil, or terror, but because Saddam unearthed the Chappa eye. In comparison to that, the ancient astronaut theory, seems not only plausible, but likely.

The Genesis document is apart of a larger document that illustrates genetic creation of mankind.
October 7th, 2010, 1:59 pm
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