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Baptist preacher was a former Jihadist?

by SouthernFriedInfidel | Published on June 23rd, 2011, 3:49 am | Religion
It is one of MY more interesting memories, that week of summer I spent among the Spartacist League in Europe in 1974. We went to a small village in Austria, and there were meetings in the evenings to plot revolutions all across the continent. I was just a kid who wanted to tour Europe, but I picked up on some of their attitudes... even had thoughts of a noble death fighting against the bourgeois domination of the world. But after a few days of that BS, I decided it was boring, and headed off to see the sights in Italy.

Later, when I became a Christian, I would regale my fellow church members about how I had been brought up to be a hard-core Communist revolutionary. It seems to be a constant theme among Christians, to highlight and often exaggerate the way giving your life to Jesus turned your life around.

Following along in this theme comes Ergun Caner. You want to talk about a guy who embellishes his "Jesus turned me around" story... His standard schtick is that he grew up in Lebanon, and was trained in his youth to be a Jihadist killer of Infidels. Only when he came to America in 1978, and found Jesus did he turn his life around and rise to become a leading Christian theologian and head of Jerry Falwell's school at Liberty U.

Funny thing about that story: research shows it's a complete lie.
But last summer, Caner's story started to unravel when skeptics found evidence that despite his claims, the self-proclaimed young Jihadist actually moved to America from Sweden in 1969 — not from Turkey in 1978. Caner grew up looking and acting like most every other kid his age.

The discrepancies proved so damaging that Caner was demoted at Liberty Baptist and is now headed to North Texas to become vice president at Arlington Baptist College, home to 200 students and to perhaps a not-so-welcoming staff.

I bet he's a real gem of a guy, if they found him unfit to teach at Liberty..... :twisted:
Okay the part I'm interested is how he got the green card. Student visa?
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