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Forum Rules

by Sanjuro | Published on December 8th, 2006, 10:06 am | Religion
Hello fellow Greensboring reporters!

The subject of religion and philosophy can produce some enlightening and heated debates. We ask when posting in this forum, try to remain civil and respectful of one another as you might if the person was sitting across from you. Please read the rules and guidelines below. If you notice an infraction of any of these items, please submit to a moderator for review along with a link to the thread in question.

Forum Rules and Code of Conduct:


1 - No personal attacks, name calling, or directly insulting remarks.

2 - If the discussion provokes you enough to violate Rule 1, don't post.

General Guidelines:

- This is a forum for the exploration and discussion of religion, beliefs, and philosophy. Please refrain from cut-and-pasting large volumes of work into a thread. If there is an article you wish others to read, please write a brief synopsis, provide a link, then comment with your personal thoughts on the matter.

- Try to avoid phrases that can be deemed insensitive or provoking. Examples: "You're going to hell" or "silly little fairy tales". Regardless of how true you feel statements like this to be, personalizing statements like this are damaging to the interest of discourse and have no place in these discussions.

- We encourage you to use the "Preview" feature before posting in the forum. This helps ensure you're expressing your thoughts accurately while keeping within the Rules and Guidelines.

Failure to Comply to the Rules or repeated posts outside the Guidelines can result in disciplinary action (up to and including) one or more of the following.

1- A moderator will post a friendly reminder or warning if something crosses the line or looks as if it is about to cross.

2- A PM (private message) notification will be sent by a moderator if the behavior continues. You may be asked to cease or edit your post.

3- Potentially your post or the entire thread could be edited or pulled by a moderator. If this occurs, you will be sent a PM explaining the reasons.

These are pretty easy to follow and can result in some great discussions. It is not the intention of anyone at Greensboring.com to censor your thoughts in anyway. How ever we felt there was a need to create these Rules and Guidelines to foster entertaining and thought provoking discussion where all feel welcome to participate.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Happy posting!

The Mods

I personally would like to see less cut-and-pasting and more discussion. Seems like sometimes people paste something to simply be inflammatory and not to actually guage opinion. But thats just my .02