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A Dirty Dancing Wedding on Lake Lure

by Liv | Published on January 16th, 2006, 2:01 pm | Greensboro

A Dirty Dancing Wedding in Lake Lure

One of the interesting things I stumbled upon while writing my Top Places to Get Married in Greensboro article a few days ago was the websites of the resort area in Lake Lure, North Carolina. A place I think would probably make an absolutely awesome place to get married. Now, one, it helps if your a die-hard 80's fan in love with the movie Dirty Dancing. And two, it help even more when you actually went out and purchased the directors cut DVD when you already own the regular DVD and a VHS copy.

Now before I lose anyone, I'll back up and explain everything before your lost. You see Dirty Dancing takes place in the Catskills of Northern New York, but in real life it was filmed in North Carolina. More importantly it was filmed at Lake Lure and the 1927 Lake Lure Inn. This resort which is still in use today remains almost identical to when it was filmed in the 1986 Blockbuster. Some scenes were also filmed in Mountain Lake Resort near Roanoke, Virginia, and thus could make an excellent wedding alternative.

Sound cool right? Get married, do the lift in the lake. Have your groom, drive a 57 Chevy then lock his key in it, and break the window with a parking pole?

Aww... How Romantic.

I mean really, they're not a lot of star struck filming locations in North Carolina that would allow you to relive the emotional scenes of the movie during your wedding. Let alone are many of these romantic. Really, anyone want a "Days of Thunder" or "Bull Durham" Wedding?

Wait. I knew I shouldn't have asked that. I know someone from Alamance county is reading this right now, with her Jeff Gordon T-shirt, rollers in her hair, and no front teeth, saying "But I'd Love me a Nascar Wedding" (Shot gun sounds in the background)

Seriously though, I do have to admit Dawson's Creek did have an interesting impact on my life, but what sells me is Dirty Dancing. The idea, the romance, and the music. Now wheres my Patrick Swayze?

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