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Payne Road - The Truth Behind The Haunting

by Sunnyrie | Published on August 20th, 2007, 10:33 am | Greensboro

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Crystal, I'm 27 years old, and I have resided in the surrounding area for the length of my life. I am a natural clairsentient and working on becoming a certified medium. I have a Christian background and am college educated. The reason for my giving details of myself as well as my background is so you may see that I am a "mentally normal" individual who has dedicated a great deal of time to the paranormal. What I am about to tell you my have you question the truth of what I say, but I will tell you the absolute truth; in whole.

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal since as far back as I can remember. Thus, the reason for my certifications. Being extremely interested in the paranormal, I have come across many stories and investigated many possible hauntings, but the one that stands out is about Edward Payne. I was taken to Payne Road when I was a young adult. The company with me was not aware of the fact that I am clairsentient, and I had no idea where we were going. I thought we were just driving around. Let me state here - at this time, I did not know of the Payne Road incident. I turned on a desolate road and was 1/4 down, when I felt like there was a shortage of air. I immediately felt like I was punched in the stomach and was instantly nauseated. I burst into tears. I felt an over abundance of outward sadness, and asked my friends exactly where in the world had they taken me. They then said that we had to get out of there. Once we reached their home, they proceeded to inform me of the history that had taken place there.


My dear friend, who is now 39 years old, told me what had happened there to cause what is now going on. For her privacy, I will call her Dee. When Dee was 14 years old, she and her boyfriend - who is now her husband, and another couple went there one night. At this time, the house was still standing. They parked the car in front of the house, and the girls dared the guys to go in and take a look. While the girls were in the car, they heard children in the woods singing the popular childrens' song, "Ring Arounds the Rosies." When the "children" sang the part "...and they all fall down," a shot rang out, and the guys ran out off the house. To this day, Dee's husband will not discuss what happened in the house and what he saw. As the drove away, Dee and her friend saw oil lamps lit in the upstairs windows. The next morning, Dee informed her step mother what had happened. Her step mother felt the need to prove to Dee that there is no real hauntings and then proceeded to drive to the house with Dee. They got out of the car and went in the house. Dee states that there were empty beer bottles all over the floors and graffiti on all the walls. The strangest part of this day-trip was the Dee saw that the staircase had been haphazardly built to run directly into the ceiling, not allowing access the the upstairs rooms. How was it then that the night before, she had seen oil lamps burning in the upstairs rooms if there wasn't a way to gain access to the rooms? She had taken pictures; therefore, I know that this was the case. As her step mother rummaged through the rooms, Dee opened a closet in the hallway. The noticed that a small square "door" was located near the floor inside the closet. One would assume that it may serve as a crawl space. There was a rusted old master type lock guarding the little door. Dee went to the car outside and removed a crowbar from the trunk. The busted the latch off of the door. The door opened up into a large room under the staircase. She called for her step mother. Dee found a makeshift alter that contained many books about Black Arts, bones from animals, and what seemed to be a cow skull. She had also spotted Edward Payne's diary. She pocketed the diary and her step mother called her to come out of there. She did not tell her step mother what she had taken. Dee still has the diary in her possession to this day. Let me tell you that this diary is very twisted and odd. I tell you that the first several pages were handwritten, detailing the growth of the crops on his farm and the weather, as well as the patients he treated. Dee stated to me the Mr. Payne was some sort of a doctor, whether veterinarian or medical doctor, I do not know. Another page has his thoughts of his father. Edward Payne used several curse words describing his father. The next page was filled with little circles lining the page. The next and final page has little reddish brown splatters on the page. Dee has never returned there again. Now, she even refuses to talk about the subject. She simply states, "that place is of the devil."

A close up of the old bridge location.

I've never heard of slave murders. I know that those shacks you refer to were NOT in fact slave shacks. They are and always have been tobacco barns. I have always heard that Edward Payne murdered his family and then committed suicide. He supposedly studied the Black Arts and used his family as a sacrifice. (This is not to be confused with the Lawson murders that took place on December 25, 1929. If you would like more information regarding the Lawson subject, I recommend that you read, "White Christmas, Bloody Christmas." This is now a rare book to locate; however, I own a copy handed down to me by my grandmother. I have also seen it one time long ago for sale on E-Bay.)

Back to the "legend" of Payne Road. The house burned down in 1992. I am not sure what caused the fire. I DO know that once the ashes cooled, the locals surrounded the property with salt, a method that Christians used in the 1600's to purify an "evil" area. Since then, new houses have been constructed around the area, but no house will be built on the actual location that the Payne house once stood.

You can see the culverts to each side of the road that replaced the old bridge.

As for the bridge...you do not have to whistle "Dixie." You simply have to own a car that was made before 1990. Cars made after 1990 have plastic starters in them. Cars prior to that year have metal starters. I believe that there is a natural magnetic energy in the earth under or close to the bridge, thus, causing older cars the inability to start.

This is where I conclude my information. I do have personal incidents that I have had while venturing there in my latter years. If you are interested in hearing of those, I will be more than happy to inform you of those. They include a four wheeler incident, a Jeep incident, a man I met at a restaurant near the area and a friend in college.

I investigate reportedly paranormal areas, so I try to keep abreast of news that surfaces.
Let me know if you have questions.

Crystal C.
Hi Crystal. I'm glad to see you posting here.

I have to say you began with an interesting subject. I grew up in Winston and the northern part of Forsyth county. So I've been to Payne Road several times for various reasons, mostly involving late night ... well anyway I think they've changed the name, at least the end that begins in Rural Hall to Edwards Road. Oddly enough, I drove that way home just last week coming from Germanton just for the Payne Road experience. Not really scary in the daytime, is it? I wasn't paying attention, but if I'm not mistaken there no longer is a bridge on the road. Am I correct?

Anyway, I'm rather skeptical about any claims of the paranormal, even though the thought of them is fun. As an investigator I'm sure you're well aware that there should be evidence that can be had for some of your story, if these things did occur. I think it would be interesting the know the history of this Payne guy, especially if he murdered his family, even if none of the black arts are involved. Have you been to the Winston Salem Journal's offices or the Main Public Library to research the Payne family. Having murdered his family, there must have been a story or two written in the local newspaper. I'd be interested in hearing it.

I'd like to see copies of Mr Payne's diary your friend has. Along with the newspaper reports I'm sure someone could test the ink or the paper itself to validate that the age of the book matches the time of the murders.

You really should elaborate about the part of the legend involving the bridge. I'm probably the only one here besides you that's heard it. I'm not really sure how it is supposed to be. Something about a child's handprint in the dust on a car bumper if it stops on the bridge. Was there not also a story about someone who was hanged from the bridge? I haven't heard anything about car starters. What are the details about that?

You know there were murders there sometime back, probably in your lifetime? They found two bodies dumped under some roofing that was laying on the ground. I think the murders were said to be drug related, but I don't remember the details that well. Seems like this happened in the 80's.

Here is a site I just found discussing this subject.http://www.eerieinvestigations.org/eerie_investigations_030.htm Is this site yours or are you involved in it. If so, I'd really like to discuss the photo section with you. You see, I'm an amateur photographer and I can easily reproduce or explain many of the things in the photos.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about this subject.
August 20th, 2007, 11:56 am
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Crystal... exactly who "certifies" mediums? I hope you'll forgive us skeptics for asking basic questions, but we do spend a lot of time doing the James Randi sort of stuff in life...
August 20th, 2007, 12:14 pm
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Location: 5th circle of hell -- actually not very crowded at the moment.
Wow! I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the comments and questions raised regarding my first posting on this site!

Who certifies mediums?

There are two REGISTERED Escoteric Schools in the US (that I am aware of). One being located in Winston-Salem. Paranormal Investigations does not carry a Degree like most routes of education. It does; however, require what we call field work and studies. This may as well be one of the reasons why it is still considered unrelavent by some. I expect skeptics and completely understand why they have the opinions they have. But, with my background and experiences that I have had since 9 years old, I have no choice but to believe.

Are the "ghosts" on Payne Road that of the family who was supposedly sacrificed?

No. The entities that surround the area are negetive. The family members have passed over to the Other Side. When a tragedy occurs involving a heinous nature, especially involving Satanism, I believe that negetive energies envelope the area. Also, there have been numerous reports of Satanic Cults practicing rituals in there area thus "opening doors."

****Please keep in mind that the above is solely my OPINION and belief.**** This does NOT in any way make it fact. It is what I believe to be true.

As for the diary that my friends has belonging to Edward Payne, she states that she still has this put away from where her children can not find it. I am not sure if she is willing to share it.

The name of the road as not changed. One entrance is called Edwards Road. The other entrance is called Payne Road.

When I was 17 years old, my friend, her sister and I drove up to Payne Road. We were in a new car fresh off ont he lot. I was driving her car. Before we arrived, the car would stall at the last two stoplights we came to. IT would start again. Upon turning onto Payne Road, a Jeep started tailgaiting us, flashing their lights. As I sped up, he sped up. As we turned the curve, I fully expected the Jeep to be right behind us, but it wasn't. It was nowhere to be seen. We went to the store for a soda. We then went back. We saw two men and a very young boy working on a tractor on the side of Payne Road. We stopped and asked them to keep watch for us, and if we did not come back up the road in 15 minutes to please drive down there to make sure we were alright. They agreed. My friend's sister needed to use the restroom, so we revisited the store. Upon returning, there was a man driving a four wheeler doubling a woman on the back. As we followed the four wheeler, we past the men on the side of the road and we waived. They waived back at us, seeing us go by. Keep in mind that when this event occured, Payne Road was a dirt road. We followed the four wheeler down the road. As I reached down for a cigarette, my friend started creaming. I immediately slammed the brakes thinking I was about to hit the couple on the four wheeler. As I looked up, I asked her what in the world she was screaming about. She yelled that the couple had just vanished. Low and behold, they were out of sight. I cut off the engine to see if I could hear the engine of the four wheeler. I heard nothing. By this time, my friend was crying stating she wanted to leave.
On one side of the road was a huge cliff. There other side contains pine trees planted so close together, a four wheeler could not possible squeeze through. I cranked the car and turned to go back to the top of the road. I came to the men working on the tractor and asked them if they saw the couple on the four wheeler that we were following come back up through there. The older man looked at me like I was crazy, and said, "You weren't following no four wheeler." He shook his head as he said, "Damn kids."
As I drove home that day, it occured to me that as our car was kicking up dust from the dirt road, the four wheeler was not. It also occured to me that the woman being doubled on the back had longer hair, and was not blowing in the wind.

There is no bridge located on the paved road. The infamous bridge is located on the right side, depending on the way you enter, leading up the hill where the Payne Homesite once stood. It is still made out of wood, and the rails are rusted black steel. There is no handprints that occur on your car if you park it on the bridge. So many stories become entwined and become one. The story of Gavity Hill boasts the "handprint claims."
Some say that Mr. Payned committed suicide after he slaughtered his family by hanging himself from a tree overlooking the bridge. There are reports that an image of a dead baby can be seen in the waters underneath the bridge, but such reports have not been substantiated.
There was a couple that took up residence in the home in the late 70's. The man was cleaning his gun one night when it misfired killing his wife. He was distraught over this and committed suicide in the house. I know of this as I formerly worked with the couple's friend.
In the 1980's, a man and his brother picked up a prostitute in Winston Salem and took her up to one of the barns on the property. They proceeded to rape and murder her, burying her body in the barn. I know of this as I met one of the men's wife and thier son in a restaurant.

I am not affiliated with Eerie Investigators. I did read some of the postings on the site. I thank you for your suggestions. I am not affliated with any group. People hear of me in conversation and learn about what I do, and sometimes they contact me if they are experiencing disturbances. I then go over what has been happening and do an investigation if I feel it is warranted.

One does not just decide to become a medium. I am sure there are people who want to learn about it, and I believe that everyone has what it takes to become a meduim or, forgive the term, psychic. I was born with a natural talent that somehow "woke up" on its own. I in turn, decided to strengthen it. I decided to follow this path, as I believe that I am able to help people who have no where to turn - as they believe that most people would think them unstable if they had ghosts.
August 20th, 2007, 10:58 pm
Good post. I always enjoy a good ghost story regardless of my personal beliefs on the matter.
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August 21st, 2007, 8:11 am
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Expert...on everything...
whoops. Scratch that.

I found the real location in Rural Hall.

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Payne+Rd, ... iwloc=addr

Sunnyrie was nice enough to describe where and asked that I proceed with caution if going. So i don't want to betray her trust or publish location without noting that she says to be careful and not foolish. Sound advice for any location. Now I publish the location because a quick internet search provides another website referencing it and the locations. So I'm claiming inevitable discovery.

She also provided some specific cautions if you're more inclined to be warry of spirits and the like. I'll let her post that info.

Road trip!
August 21st, 2007, 12:27 pm
I have been to Payne Road. Something is very dark and wrong about that place. From the time I arrived, I was very uncomfortable... even irritable. I had driven a few hours to the site, but did not want to stay. We chose to stay and continue looking around. I neither saw nor heard anything "paranormal." However, down closer to where the road crosses a creek, the air was about 20 degrees warmer than near where the house used to sit. For whatever reason, the area around the house was FREEZING. Literally. It was a chilly night, but there were no frost advisories or anything of that sort. Around the house the temps were around 30 degrees. I can't explain that.
As for feeling uncomfortable, I'll briefly explain that, too... I wasn't afraid of anything there. I wasn't even thinking about anything potentially paranormal there. Instead, I was stressed out about other things in life. There was no reason to be thinking about the things I was thinking of... but there I was.. stressed out at Payne Road!
Since my visit, other people have told me they experienced this weird "stress" while there. They, like me, experienced thoughts that were not at all about Payne Road, but that made them very uncomfortable.
I definitely believe something is there. Right now, I'm not sure if there is a haunting there, or if it is more of an "open door" like you described. However, I'm not far from agreeing with the door scenario. A very disturbing place. I am also fascinated with its proximity to the Lawson house. I would like to research it further. Thanks for your post. Your details on the history of the location fit everything I have heard. I would love to see the diary... I'm not sure I would want to keep it as your friend has all these years, though.
Best Regards,
November 15th, 2007, 10:06 pm
On Christmas Eve, 1929, in the small town of Germanton just north of Winston-Salem in Stokes County, Charlie Lawson had taken his family to town and bought them all new dress clothes. Before leaving town, the family stopped in at the local photographer's shop and had a family portrait made. The next day, Christmas Day, Charlie Lawson killed his wife and six of his seven children. They would be buried in the new clothes Charlie had bought them.

This is the story related in the documentary, "A Christmas Family Tragedy: Legends of the 1929 Lawson Family Murders".

I have lived all around the area this happened, but never heard the story until sometime in the 80's. Evidently, the murders were a national sensation. There have been various rumors about why Charlie Lawson killed his family and there's the mystery of why he sent the eldest son into town just before the murders, ostensibly saving his life.

The film is fairly interesting, even knowing the story in advance. It is related through interviews with relatives and neighbors of the Lawsons and with a few re-enactments. If you are interested in grim local history or ghost stories from some rather credulous folks I fully recommend the film.

In the film there is also a tie in regarding another thread here at Greensboring from awhile back. That thread was a discussion about Payne Road and it's history of haunting. Payne Road is in Stokes County, the same county where the Lawsons lived and died.
January 12th, 2008, 11:28 pm
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I was just about to ask if this was related to the " spooky road" we'd discussed a while back. Didn't someone say their home was still standing? I want to do a road trip to the place- it'd be definitely fun, and maybe even
s c a r y!!!! ( or not! ) :)
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January 13th, 2008, 8:39 am
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C. Alice
C. Alice wrote:I was just about to ask if this was related to the " spooky road" we'd discussed a while back. Didn't someone say their home was still standing? I want to do a road trip to the place- it'd be definitely fun, and maybe even
s c a r y!!!! ( or not! ) :)

I don't know if the house is still there, but in the movie they talk about different legends. At sometime, somebody thought the ghosts of two of the children had drifted upstream in a creek on or near the Lawson property to Payne Road. The movie didn't make clear if indeed the same creek even crossed both. A local "ghosthunter" interviewed said this was crazy and that he'd "cussed out" several people on message boards because of their continued ignorance of this "fact". Part of the Payne Road legend says that if one stops their car on the bridge over a creek and windows are fogged, they will eventually see a child's hand prints appear on the windows. I've also heard that placing baby powder on one's bumper and stopping on the bridge will get you hand prints.

Although I've never been to the Lawson property I prefer that story to Payne Road, as it's real. Well, Payne Road is a real place, but the stories are only legends.

I want to do a road trip to the place- it'd be definitely fun, and maybe even
s c a r y!!!! ( or not! )

That's completely doable. See if you can pick up the movie. There are are several ghost stories that people tell that relate to the Lawson's. One is about the grave. Maybe we could see it if it's not on private property. The father belonged to a Primitive Baptist Church, IIRC, that believed in predestination. Because of the evil associated with his deeds, the Lawsons had to buried outside the churches usual graveyard.

We could definitely take a ride down Payne Road. I used to spend some time there when I was a rowdy teenager. There were many dead end tractor trails leading off the main road where enterprising young potheads and drunks could set up an impromptu party or camp. I've even done some target practice down there.
January 13th, 2008, 9:47 am
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I've just spent the better part of an hour reading the films' website info. I was tremendously impressed to see tht the filmmakers were donating a large part of the profits to organizations which fight domestic violence. I have been reading - and reading and reading posts on the forums section of the site. SO much info on such a sad and yet fascinating story. :(
January 13th, 2008, 10:05 am
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C. Alice
Crystal, i am a 38yr old man, i have been there 3 times, never making it all the way to the end of the road. i have been there with some of the biggest thugs you will ever meet and we were all scared as hell! the last time was in 1995 or 1996. we had my girlfriends little boy in the car with us at the time and about the time we reached the bridge, the kid said ' mama, i feel blood in my hands. i said ' did yall here that (expletive)?! turn around right now! I have never been back. i plan on going though, but only in the daytime. tim
January 15th, 2008, 8:51 pm
When I was a teenager we'd go down to Payne Road to party, always at night. We had keg parties down old tractor trails a cop wouldn't dare come down. Shoot, I did acid down there and never saw anything.Weak acid I guess. Maybe the ghosts were afraid of us! Maybe what everybody thought were ghosts were actually us drunk potheads dosed up on LSD, running and hooping and hollering out in the woods like a bunch of maniacal cultists.
January 15th, 2008, 9:06 pm
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timmyl21 wrote:Does payne rd. connect rural hall and walnut cove? Are these stories related?

It runs from Rural Hall and intersects with a road that leads to Germanton, if you take a right . I don't know where that other end of the road leads. I think part of Payne Road has been renamed Edwards Road. Google maps has Payne Road at a different location than where I remember. I'm not doubting my memory yet, though, as Google maps has gotten me lost more that has my memory. If anyone can correct me I'd appreciate it.

The stories aren't related. According to the film, some people claim to have seen ghosts of two of the children at what I took to be a bed and breakfast. Anyway, the claim is made that the ghosts somehow have floated above a creek, upstream, to Payne Road. The movie was interesting enough for just the factual material: the interviews with relatives and friends of the Lawsons, what I thought were well done re enactments and the photograph of the family made the day before their murders. There was no need to bring in the supernatural spice it up, but if someone likes that kind of stuff, it's talked about.
January 16th, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Guest wrote:have one more question do you walk around the farm or no or can you go in the houses/buildings

I think you can enter the house, but you have to rub youself all over with dillweed and hang a dead cat around your neck first. The cat has to be pure white, fairly fresh, but completely drained of blood. Then you must back into the doorway while holding a candle overhead and continuously chanting "Oo-ee-Oo-Ah-Ah/Ting-Tang-Walla-Walla-Bing-Bang" . Proclaim your good intentions to all the resident entities and let them know you're dropping by just to chat. Beware of the Ancient, Dark Evil that inhabits the kitchen cabinets and awaits its release by some foolish mortal so it can unleash the dark gods of Atlantis to reign over the Earth once more in fire abd blood..Pack some Altoids because orbs are generally attracted to its cosmic energies and its fruity aroma. But the vibes can change quickly, so if you begin spitting up black bood or speaking in the tongues of the Old Ones, then take two Tylenol and run like hell.
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April 15th, 2008, 3:37 am
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The Rain King
Location: High Point
Guest wrote:thanks crystal and where can i buy that dead cat and junk and do u have to go late at night or no

Um... try the county animal shelter. They usually sell the dead ones for a couple dollars each after a gassing. You should call first to make sure they have a white one and that it's relatively fresh. Another color won't work. If they don't have a white one, ask them to call you when a white one comes in and they're about to gas it. It's very important that you don't kill or even hurt the cat yourself or ask anyone else to do it. That will misalign the cat's chakras and ghosts will be unable to enter its presence. Theyll be driven away instead of being summoned. One you find dead off the road is probably okay, as long as it's not been dead more than a day or so. Be sure and squish all the blood out of it though.

Dillweed is hard to find locally right now. There was a blight last summer that killed most of it. I'm getting low on it myself. You could ask at one of the local health food stores like Earthfare or maybe you can buy some online. I've read in Weekly World News that some people use catnip instead, but I haven't tried it yet. You can get that at any pet store. Please let me know if you try it and have any luck.

I forgot to mention that you have to be completely naked when you rub yourself all over with the dillweed (or catnip). That will make it hard for the stuff to stick, so apply a light coat of Vaseline before you rub yourself with the weed. It will also help protect you from the ghosts' aura, which can be really, really cold.

Altoids you can find at any gocery or convenience store. Have to be the peppermint kind.

Late at night is good, but I've heard some people have seen or felt stuff during the day, too. My hairdresser dated a guy who had a friend who performed the ceremony on his lunch hour and he backed into the house, turned around, and saw three little girls in long dresses with blond hair sitting on the floor playing a set of bongos. At first he thought they were real, but after a few seconds he realized he could see right through them to the wall behind them !! He started getting scared then and that was when all three of the little girls looked straight at him, pointed their fingers, and started giggling. He got so terrified that he peed himself and then he ran out of the house all the way back to his car. He said he could hear them giggling all the way until he got into his car. He never went back, and the next day he woke up and there was a big streak where his hair had turned white.

I have to go do yoga now, so I'm going to have to cut this short. Good luck, "Guest", and I hope you will let us all know if anything happens. But you should know that encountering the supernatural can be a powerful and life-changing experience, so be sure that you're ready for it. Many people aren't intelligent and mature enough to handle it. But somehow I have faith that you'll rise to the challenge. :)

April 16th, 2008, 12:11 am
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The Rain King
Location: High Point
The Rain King wrote:
I forgot to mention that you have to be completely naked when you rub yourself all over with the dillweed (or catnip). That will make it hard for the stuff to stick, so apply a light coat of Vaseline before you rub yourself with the weed. It will also help protect you from the ghosts' aura, which can be really, really cold.

I couldn't agree more with this. But keep in mind Icy/Hot or Ben Gay is a suitable alternative to Vaseline and may actually work better.

Also, it's important to note (and I can't believe RainKing left it out) that you need to somehow insulate your camera as the cold can affect a lot of its inner workings. On the subject of spectral photography, make sure the camera has an inner timer. This means you can take photos not only of your surroundings, but allows you to place it on a table or wall so that you can have a pic or two made of yourself. Sometimes ghosts like to 'surround' people so you may not necessarily capture one if holding the camera. Please post pictures for us to study when you return.
April 16th, 2008, 10:19 am
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Expert...on everything...
Serendipitous wrote:
The Rain King wrote:
Guest wrote:thanks crystal and where can i buy that dead cat and junk and do u have to go late at night or no

Altoids you can find at any gocery or convenience store. Have to be the peppermint kind.

Guest, don't listen to TRK! The peppermint Altoids only work in cold weather and the wintergreen kind work in warm weather. You'd think "wintergreen" would be for cold, wintery weather, but it's purposely backwards.

Philistine !!Not only has the wintergreen theory been thoroughly discredited through extensive studies by Dr. Vincent Boombas of the Jackson Hole Paranormal Institute, but it has also been shown to be potentially dangerous for the researcher, as it can attract hostile entities. Wintergreen pisses 'em off, and so does the dark chocolate, and I take no responsibility for anyone who substitutes it for the proper peppermint flavor. A man in Cocoa Beach, Fla. last year attempted to communicate with several spirits known to be inhabiting an abandoned Ron Jon's Surf Shop. He performed all elements of the ceremony correctly, but he substituted dark chocolate Altoids. A homelsss vagrant found his mutilated, sodomized corpse in the janitor's closet ten days later.

You have been warned. :!:
April 19th, 2008, 2:29 pm
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The Rain King
Location: High Point
Payne Rd's legends are not all true, but most are. I have been there 3 times, and 3 times had unexpalinable phenomenon happen. I have always been interested in the paranormal, and was a "ghost hunter" for a brief period. The ghost car...true. the handprints...true. Many other things happened as well. As for the connection to the Lawson Murders, I have no idea. But anyone questioning the validity of the strange happenings at Payne Rd, needs to experience it for themselves. I suggest alone or with one other person only. And being quiet and respectful seems to conjure up the most energy. I call it only energy, cause I have no other explanation.
May 23rd, 2008, 10:49 pm
I dont think the Lawson murders are related at all, except that their proximity to each other. I have been to Payne Rd 3 times, and all 3 times have seen and heard things unexplainable. The ghost car and hand prints are for real. I know that much. Other things that happened seemed very sinister in nature, and i hesitate to go back. I agree with other postings that state that there is a negative or evil force that seems to be there. I was a "ghost hunter" at one time, and this was definitely a very active sight. If you decide to go, quiet and respect seem to conjure up the most "energy". But I do warn all those who go to be careful.
May 23rd, 2008, 10:56 pm
Seriously, Dejoy, I've been all over that place. I've ridden a sled on the road after a good snow, at night, I've driven it probably a hundred times both day and night. I've camped there, or rather crashed after an all night party we had on Payne Road. I've target practiced from the road with a 30-30 and I've even done hallucinogenics multiple times in multiple doses ( this was in the 70's you know) and still didn't see anything.

Compelling as the Payne Road legend is, there seems to be no evidence to support it. We've had several people on here posting some interesting stories but when asked for corroboration, they never return. One person stated she has a friend with a diary of Mr Payne's with references to murder and "satanic" sacrifices? Why not unveil the evidence? And how come all ghost hunters are scaredy cats?
May 24th, 2008, 11:21 am
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Went to Payne Road all the time in high school, when the old house was still standing. A friend and I even sneaked inside the empty house! Nothing happened, but I think we may have scared some unsuspecting passersby—only adding to the legends and stories!

We saw lots of damage there caused by other “trespassers” but nothing I would consider paranormal. The only weird thing is that the radio in my car would shut off right as I passed the house, and then come back on instantly as the house disappeared from view. I’m sure that can be explained somehow—but it did put a little thrill into the stories.

My friend and I also got the car stuck there once, and some friendly locals helped us out. ‘Course, it could have easily turned into a scene from “Deliverance”—it had all the ingredients!—but we were fine.
July 23rd, 2008, 11:15 am
Liv wrote:This morning on the radio they were talking about a ghost story on payne rd but it's not coming up on Yahoo Maps? Anyone know where it is? I want to go and investigate.

My name is Amy and I am a part of a local paranormal team Project Ghost Find, I am just wondering if the lady whom posted about her and her friends adventure and then the friend whom has said Mr. Edward Paynes Diary. I would love to review it with my partner and founder of Project Ghost Find. He is a local author and historian. We have been trying to bring light to the real truth of payne road. Considering that there are so many tails of the place.
Our email is [email protected]. Here is my personal email as well [email protected]. I'd love to see the great piece of history that can clear up a lot of none true stories and other near area stories that have been long to messed up.
August 7th, 2008, 12:32 am
ghostly goddessD
If your friend thinks the place is of the devil which I myself won't say it isn't even. Why keep something of historic record. I can see her value and her wanting to keep it but with that kind of history at hand she may could help herself even. Doesn't she know how many just would like to review it to hopefully put an end to a so long battle between Historians and Paranormal Teams. The place scars me and I too have seen some none explainable oddities and intense feelings. A few miles away the land is still yet tainted it all is. Though your friend could help to make a lot of questions come to light.
August 7th, 2008, 12:48 am
ghostly goddessD
This is in reply to Crystal and everyone. The house that once stood on Payne Road was not, and NEVER was, the "Payne" House. The house and property belonged to the EDWARDS Family, and had for SEVERAL generations. Incidentally, that diary you found could be considered stolen property, because the property was NOT abandoned at the time you were there, but was owned by one of the Edwards descendants... A STOKES COUNTY DEPUTY!!!!
In ALL my research, I could not find DOCUMENTATION of any EDWARD PAYNE. The only DOCUMENTED violent deaths I could find were the alleged prostitute who was killed and tied to a tree by the creek, in 1992, and the grandfather of the deputy, who blew himself up with a stick of dynamite behind one of the barns. This is HISTORICAL FACT. There were in fact fires on Payne Rd. many years ago, and I am looking into whether or not a child died in one of those.
This diary was probably placed there by someone. I'm not saying that nothing happens out there, because there are plenty of legitimate paranormal occurrences. But until I can find DOCUMENTATION of this Edward Payne, and his supposed sacrifice of his family, I must consider this a MYTH! If someone can offer proof positive that this man existed, they should do so. AGAIN. IT IS THE EDWARDS PROPERTY, and has NEVER, that I can document, been the PAYNE PROPERTY. ALL rumors, including the family sacrafice, family murdrs, and even the slave myth can be considered complete myths until absolute proof can be found. The Edwards Family, by the way, gets VERY upset with all this stuff. Tread GENTLY. You CAN go to jail.
I DO applaud the distinction Crystal made between the Lawson Murders and this story. I have been trying to dispell for years the myth of Lawson living on Payne Road. Charlie Lawson's Farm, the place of the Christmas Day murders, was located off Brook Cove Road, at Watts Road. The driveway still goes up into the trees from the corner of Brooke Cove and Watts. The property is now posted, and the new owners are AGGRESSIVE in protecting that post. They WILL call the law on you, and will HOLD yoiu there til they get there.
There is ONE, and ONLY ONE, connection between the Lawson Farm and Payne Road. Town Fork Creek runs through both properties. THIS IS IT! NOTHING ELSE. The misplacement of the Lawsons onto Payne Road has become the "vampire you cannot stake" of NC legends.
Please don't misunderstand. I'm not saying a diary was not found. And I'm not saying that people do not experience the supernatural out there. What I'm saying is, you CANNOT ignore historical facts. If the Payne Family did not own the house, then they didn'y own it. Sorry. I believe that diary was probably placed there by someone trying to scare people. And, by the way, you COULD access the second floor. Close friends, including my XO at PG-F, have been up there, AND experienced something. Whatever is out there, I just don't believe it's the spirit of a log-dead devil worshiper. I am looking for Emily Watson too. So far, no dice there either. I will have a government friend see what she can find too.
Author & Paranormal Researcher.
August 7th, 2008, 1:39 pm

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