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Greensboro = Great Doctors, but here's the best

by Liv | Published on December 8th, 2008, 7:36 pm | Greensboro
One thing I can say about Greensboro is the number of great doctors our family has had in the last few year. It didn't start off that way. Our first one here was a 200 year old guy working in a cold-war era medical facility with enough chest hair you'd swear he had several rabbits velcroed to his chest. He refused to help us get better. It was horrible. Then we got a local practitioner near our house. She's been a Godsend, and has been wonderful. We've dealt with Dr Young on Wendover for Ren's eyes, and a audiologist on Wendover as well. All absolutely wonderful.

But I really felt I had to mention my experience at Prompt Med over on Battleground today. It's an urgent care, so I expected less than my relationship with my local doctor, but was wonderfully surprised. On both accounts we were seen by Dr Amy Ward, who went above and beyond. Truly a brilliant medical doctor. It's been a long time since I went into a random Doctor at an urgent care, and actually felt they were seriously concerned about my health. Actually, I'm not sure it's ever happened to this level. Before I knew it I had X-rays, breathing treatment, and several prescriptions to make me feel better. It might have all been a ploy because before I knew it, the nurse had my jeans down, shoving sharp things in my bum. All jokes aside, it was nice to know relief was coming. It was nice to know someone whom was willing to go beyond just writing a script knowing the patient probably won't be back. It felt good, and I highly recommend visiting Dr Ward if you need urgent care... or if you'd like her nurse to put a hurtin' on your rear.

In fact the whole staff was wonderful, and I practically walked in and immediately got served. The urgent care on Pomona is never less than an hour wait.... and while their staff is nice, I really must say that this place: Prompt Med is North West Greensboro's golden little gem.

3402 Battleground Ave.
Greensboro, NC 27410
Phone: (336) 545-1515
Fax: (336) 545-4505
I can echo your experience at PromptMed (though I went there under a prior name) - I got taken care of there quite nicely. The urgent care on Pomona are quite nice too, though they don't understand my insurance (they insisted on collecting a payment despite my insurance card saying "don't collect payments at time of service") and stuck to their "financial policy". It was "only" $25, but since I've met my deductible and coinsurance this year, the plan was now paying out at 100%, so guess what the Pomona Urgent Care are going to do? Probably send me a check for $25...

As far as primary care physicians go, we have had a long standing family relationship with Dr. Stephen Fry out of Lebauer Healthcare - based at the Brassfield office. My son was born with a cogenital birth defect and when selecting a pediatrician, we were given a recommendation of someone by a family member, but when we went to their office, the front office person I spoke to seemed to care less, and when I asked if I could meet with the pediatrician one-on-one before committing to a medical care relationship with them, I was told "we don't do consults". We didn't know he was trained in Pediatrics, but when we went to him to ask for a recommendation, he gave a couple of names (including the so-called fantastic pediatrician), and then said "You do know I'm a pediatric doctor too?" Given his excellent care of us over the years before our sons' birth, we were then convinced he was the one... and now Dr. Stephen Fry is our ONLY family doctor. Fantastic gentleman, and to consider I chose him merely because he has the same name as the the then Rector of my university (and also famous actor) - Stephen Fry.
December 12th, 2008, 8:34 am
Location: Just Outside Greensboro, NC

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