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Breakfast at Compton's... Lunch in China town

by Liv | Published on March 15th, 2009, 4:20 am | Travel

In California Compton is a place you wear a Kevlar vest when driving through... In London, Old Compton Street is sort of the "red" light district if I understand it correctly. During the day however there's lots of great shops, and what's better than waking up, hitting a French Bakery for some scrumptious french made pizza and apricot tarts.... and then stand outside a gay cinema and eat it... You can't do that in Greensboro....


We were confused over the use of some of the apparatuses displayed in the various windows.... I can only imagine BHL's bewilderment in such a situation... then again, perhaps I misjudge... and he's a connoisseur of fine metal objects.


Don't forget to bow after the dancing bear offers to pose for a picture with you... This is also where you get the best Chinese Dumplings, sort of a breadish bun with a soupy-veggie pork filling.... out of this world!!!


Proof that when the economy gets bad, it's the artists and those with multiple skills that persevere.... At the Covent Garden market we watched a sword juggling high wire act which was just amazing.... When I get back to the states I'm buying a boom box, a loud speaker, and several machetes and practicing for my debut in downtown.


A relaxing stroll through Hyde Park and the Princess Diana memorial before we walked over to Paddington station to collect our tickets to Cardiff on Monday....


Last night we didn't find much to our liking on the way home so we went back to the room and ordered some "loaded" potato skins with dipping sauces, and BBQ pizza... both very interesting and yummy... but it's tough to beat the previous night's "perfect date"... Chinese from "Ned's Noodle Bar" to go, took it behind the building across from them and you are right at the "London Eye" all lit up....
We found a bench which faced Big Ben, also lit... the Eye, and 10 feet from us "The Thames"... They don't make dates like this very often... This is the stuff you see in movies.... and little girls dream about when they grow up... Our dreams... just happened to have come true.

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