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American Airlines Promotion Codes and AA.com Coupons

by Liv | Published on February 24th, 2008, 11:44 am | Travel
American Airlines promotion code coupon for 10% off

Since I'm getting ready to leave for Brussels in three days, once again with American Airlines, I wanted to update this thread with the latest information to keep this thread updated with the latest ways of of getting AA promo codes & coupons.

Option 1: Get a "Entertainment" book.
    This has moved up in the list as the easiest way to get a promo code. (instant gratification) American has done their best to eliminate many of the web opportunities out there, but this one remains. The book costs about $12-$25 dollars and has lots more coupons you can use elsewhere.. AA's discount is available immediately after purchase (on Entertainment's website) as either a 5% or 10% discount on their website based on your geographical location. For 2010, most are 5% which is really good considering whats out there. (I saved $300 on my last trip to Europe.)

    Here's the web address:

    then search for American Airlines... (under travel) it comes right up.

    Here's some further details:

    Save 5% off any fare worldwide for up to six (6) passengers.

    American Airlines is pleased to offer registered Entertainment® members a special discount of off your next trip to any destination we fly worldwide. This exclusive AA.com Discount Code may be used only once by, for up to six people

    * Discount applies to any published fare of at least $150.
    * Discount may be used for up to six passengers on a single purchase.
    * Travel must be booked and purchased on AA.com or by clicking on the Book Flight button using your Discount Code provided to the right. Please be sure to write down your Discount Code so it is readily available when making your reservation.
    * You must be a registered member at entertainment.com to take advantage of this great offer. You will receive one discount code for each membership.

While American has done their best to counteract many web efforts for free discounts, if you have more time than money these options may yet still yield you some sort of discount:

Option 2: Google
    Here's a couple Google searches for any current American Airline's promotion which currently resides in their discount system for a better rate. I've been using a similar process for years at Avis, and have always ended up with a killer deals. You kind of have to sift through them:

    Google: American Airlines Promotion Codes

    Yahoo: American Airline's Discount Codes

Option 3: AA Vacations
    If you're willing to purchase your entire "vacation" with American Airlines, AAvacations.com will spit out 10% discounts all day long... Although their choice of Hotels seems a bit small compared with other sites I've seen.

    AA Vacations Discounts

Option 4: Contact American Airlines and ask for a 10% discount
    While it's unverified, and I've yet to hear success (if you do let me know,) a commenter has stated that if you email:

    [email protected]

    he or she will provide you with a 10% discount.

Option 5: Check out this article
    Here's a few more general Airline discount tricks, most specifically on international travel with American Airlines which I've personally used to save about $500.
Does anyone know where I could find an AA promotional code from LAX to O'Hare? I am going to see my little brother graduate from Navy Boot Camp at the end of this month but my whole family is coming so tickets are really expensive, any ideas would be very helpful. Thank you
I know this is kind of a long shot but does anyone know of any promotional codes from London to New York City in April '09? Thanks so much, if you do! :)
Hey, does anybody know the cheapest business class fare from ORD to AMS and then back to Sea (4 day trip)?
I would like to book a round trip flight on American from FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) to Newark for 2 friends who want to come to the States to visit (April 30-May 23, 2009). If anyone knows a promo code I could use to get them a better price, i'd be very grateful to get it. Thanks.
Hi I am going to FL next month for my brothers wedding and would really appreciate a promo code to book a flight for aa at 10%. We are flying from ohare to orlando. Thanks.
I am trying to fly between Wichita, KS and Portland, OR on June 12, 09. Most likely will be AA. Does anyone know of any discounts/promos out there?
Could I have a promotion code for lax to sfo ...thanks :)
thanks! I just saved $90 from Miami to Paris! :)
Thanks Liv!

Saved a few bucks, which will be going toward in-flight drinks!
Thanks so much - worked for me as well - saved $40!!!
Just found out Students get 10% off on American Airlines... and well, I'm a student.... which I'm loving more and more.
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Hi i am an international student, can you PLEASE help me with a promo code for american airlines soon.. I booked ticket the over charged me over $100, my acct was negative...they finally gave me back the money now the tickets prices are much higher.
[email protected]