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How to find Cheap Airfare & Travel Deals

by Liv | Published on February 20th, 2009, 11:05 am | Travel
I've been doing a lot of searching lately... for cheap travel. I do this every year, and for some reason I can never remember all the sites I used last year....

I figured it would be cool if I stickied a post like they do on other sites, and we can all add our personal bookmarks for cheap travel since so many of us love traveling....

If you're flying American Airlines, I highly recommend checking out this thread, where you can almost immediately get 5% by buying an Entertainment book.

Added 4/11/2011:
Cheapoair, seems to be one of the better airline consolidators. I'm adding this one because it's managing bookings I'm not finding elsewhere. It just came up with RDU to BRU for $650, while every other site is showing about $1000. Sure it involves transversing New York and three airlines... but it's cheap.

Just looking for a deal and have travel flexibility? Try Travelocity's dream map which shows you everything cheap where you're flying from and where you need to go.

Also on Travelocity, this tool finds promotions and lowest fares:
http://dps1.travelocity.com/lognlogin.c ... odule=FARE

If you're flying domestically, this tool can show you the cheapest fares.

ITA Software is like Orbitz, & all the commercial cheap sites without all the B.S.

I like Cheap Flight's travel matrix, reminds me of the original "bestfares.com" site.

Air Fare Watchdog has mainly domestic airfares, but sometimes good deals

Travel Zoo's Last Minute deals. Never found much, but I keep looking

US Air's E-savers... Pretty self explanatory

American Airline's last minute international getaways.

I had to add this one tonight... They were almost $200.00 cheaper then American Airlines website for the exact same flight.

This one has interesting multi-city package deals rather reasonably:

Found a great price on our flight to Europe. In fact the cheapest so far.

A really great search engine for airfare and travel. How I found Travel Papa.

Kayak Buzz: If you're flexible, enter a landmass and find a deal:

If you have any, post them and we will add it too the list!
Id like to find a site that mentions how to get hotel rooms that most places secretly hold.. you know, they always allot a few that you never see on the travel sites, so when they list 'sold out' they rarely are. But how do you get them to release one? This would really help to find something around events.
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I can only imagine it's something akin to the airline companies, and they hold so many for their "premium" customers....

One trick I've always learned is apply for their "members" club and always use the prefix of "DR".... it generally gets you a lot more goodies for a lot less money.... and at the very least, generally more respect when you deal with their customer service agents....

Sometimes you get free wine and fruit in the hotels too, if they're trying to impress you.
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Liv wrote:I can only imagine it's something akin to the airline companies, and they hold so many for their "premium" customers....

Yeh, Many of my friends faced this same situation. They just avoid it and tried another resource and that is nice way i think.