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How to destroy a Ferrari

by Liv | Published on October 1st, 2009, 8:03 am | Sports
Rincon Car Accident2.jpg

A close family friend of ours was in an accident about a week ago resulting in the destruction of his Ferrari. We're hoping his next car is a Volvo.

On Saturday morning I took my Ferrari out for its weekly drive up the Coast, hoping to be home in time to watch the Navy game. I took the 101 North toward Santa Barbara, exiting at Seacliff, and began to return on the two-lane Pacific Coast Highway along the beach. It's a leisurely drive, with RVs lined up along the right side of the road next to the beach. As I drove southbound, a large pickup truck in the northbound lane slowed to make a left turn toward the RVs. As I had right-of-way, I mistakenly assumed the truck driver would wait for me to pass before making his turn. Alas, he did wait till I was about 10-15 ft. away before turning directly into the path of my Ferrari.

In the resultant crash, the wheelbase of the Ferrari was considerably shortened (more on the left side than the right), and the frame acquired a pretzelish twist. I won an ambulance ride and a three-day stay in the hospital. Fortunately I suffered no broken bones, internal injuries, or spinal damage. I do have various bruises and bumps, a sprained left thumb and wrist, a badly-sprained right ankle, and various back muscles in spasm. But by far the worst injury was a severe concussion that knocked me out of reality for eight hours. I'm still struggling to recover memory of the day.

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