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Sports you never knew existed: Vinkensport

by Liv | Published on July 8th, 2010, 7:28 pm | Sports

WAREGEM, Belgium — The timekeeper waves a large red flag. Spectators wait in hushed anticipation. The nearly 50 featherweight rivals - including Rambo and Duracel - are surrounded by nervous trainers, bracing themselves for the gladiatorial contest.

But the event is not a boxing or a wrestling match. The one-ounce contestants, with gray caps and blue beaks, will be judged on how many "susk-e-wiets" they can tweet in an hour from inside a wooden box.

This is vinkensport, the 400-year-old Flemish sport of finching, where winning finches are feted like feathered opera divas and one false note, like a "susk-e-wiat" instead of a "susk-e-wiet," can lead to disqualification or, worse, national disgrace. cite

How cool is that? We take the animals in America and turn them into balls and play games... they play with the animals themselves.

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