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My Alamo Car Rental Jeep Liberty Review

by Liv | Published on May 28th, 2007, 2:58 pm | Sports

So the story goes, it's better than nothing right? I had my handy dandy reservation from Alamo when we landed in San Diego after a millennium aboard an ancient Delta airliner. We grab our luggage and hastily make our way to a bus that drives us over to the Alamo garage a couple blocks away.

When we get there the line is out the door, but they have these self-serve kiosks. I figure what the hell, I'm a freaking blogger, I can figure this electrical contraption out right? Well I put my credit card in, and it says my reservation is for a compact. I'm like, "uh, no"... I try again, and same thing. Finally I go stand in line and wait till some guy with the IQ of my Labrador retriever decides to help me.

He makes several attempts to pull up my reservation before he walks over to the Kiosk and tells me to use it. He discovers as I did, that the programmers of these unique devices are complete idiots and it's not going to work. Back to the counter. Finally he runs my credit card through manually, after I was preparing a ballistic assault on this man's forehead with my teeth if he didn't give me a damn set of keys.

A few minutes later he says all I've got is a Jeep Liberty, do you want something bigger. I'm like "uh, yeah, I ordered a equinox." He's like, "we don't have anything bigger."


So out to the lot, and into the car. A Blue Jeep Liberty.

After a week with this vehicle, I can personally and properly conclude that this car is the biggest pile of crap I've ever driven. The ride was harsh, the gas mileage was horrible. It's small, and the tinted rear-window makes it's an absolute traffic hazard to drive in so-cal traffic. Alamo, like other rental car companies I've rented from have a bad habit of not rotating the tires correctly, which left the outer tread on the two front tires worn down considerably enough the Jeep didn't track right.

The motor did have lots of torque, but you often found yourself in dead-spots on the motor when having to pass in LA traffic. This vehicle would be much better suited at 65MPH and slower traffic of the east coast than the 85-95MPH traffic on the 101.

I can't really complain for the amount I paid for the vehicle, and therefore I didn't. However, if offered a Jeep Liberty when renting I'd gladly see about getting something nicer. Don't be fooled, this isn't a SUV, it's a commuter car to technical school for a spoiled rich kid who got mommy to buy them a car for their sweet 16.

When we returned the Jeep Liberty, they scanned the vehicle with a reader and printed out a receipt. It was a much easier process than when we arrived. Interestingly enough I lost my credit card at a Westminster Carl's JR (Hardee's for east-coasters) and had to cancel it. I've yet to see the charge for the rental vehicle yet. I'm waiting on getting a call on that one.
Is it just me or are the front tyres considerably larger than the back tyres...? If so, it might explain the bad handling. :?:
August 3rd, 2007, 11:37 am
I think it's just the angle of the shot... I think it was just the tires being worn down. I rented a Geo-Metro back in the "good-ole days" when we went to Yellowstone, and it had a similar problem. Used car companies are supposed to have PMC's (Preventative Maintenance Checkups) in order to validate the warranty of the companies lease, but alot of the time they go thousands of miles over the required check-ups... (I used to work for Avis), That's the reason I always try to get the lowest mileage rental if I get to choose, and always, always get in the car and turn the wheels to one direction to check the inner tread before you leave the rental space. If it's worn, complain and get a different vehicle. I've driven rental cars that pull to one direction for the entire trip, and that's annoying...
August 3rd, 2007, 11:53 am
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This reminds me when I collected a car ar RDU. The guy done his usual sale and tried to get me to upgrade, so I made it clear that I had ordered a smaller car to save on gas. He then tells me he hasn't got a car in the group I ordered, and made out he was giving me the world by letting me have a free upgrade! Free upgrade meaning a gas guzzler that I didn't really want and would cost me more cash. Strangely, he didn't even mention my comment about saving on gas.
January 17th, 2010, 12:53 pm
Location: Bristol, England
That's what they did in London with the Land Rover.... Loved the hell out of the car, but fueling it was mind boggling.... and it was even diesel.
January 17th, 2010, 4:55 pm
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I show you something fantastic and you find fault.
Location: Greensboro, NC

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