Top 10 Best Cheeseburgers in North Carolina

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Let me disclose, that this list is distinctly from my perspective of living in the Triad of North Carolina. That said, the geography of these burgers spans from the Queen City to the Triangle, and represents some of the best burgers I've ever had. The following list of top 10 best burgers in NC is presented from best to good (1 to 10+). Enjoy!

Heavy weight champion of the south, this burger by all marks is phenomenal. In my opinion, it's the
second best chili burger in the world. That's how good it is.

1. Johnson's Drive In's Velveeta Cheese-Burger - Siler City, NC.
No matter where I drive, and what I eat, Johnson's is still No. 1 in my book, with its thick slices of Velveeta on hand-picked fresh beef patties, and their chili is the undisputed winner of chili-cheese fries. Other burgers might come close, but you can't beat the quality of the beef at Johnson's that's butchered fresh straight from the stockyard.

2. King's, Durham, NC
Stop what you're doing, cause King's will ruin every expectation of what a North Carolina burger joint should be. It will remind you of a California burger shack with an amazing Double King that if you add chili and cheese to will blow your mind.

3. Wimpy's Garbage Burger - Durham, NC
Hand's down, for $8, this is one of the biggest and best burgers. It's got all the flavor of you expect from a proper chili burger with proportions to put the others to shame. It's in its own class, twice the size of most of its competitors and  the heavyweight champion of North Carolina. It's simply delicious!

The McPhersonator
4. McPherson's Bar & Grill's The McPhersonator - Greensboro, NC
This thing is epic, a almost 2 lb burger of beef, bacon, toppings and sauces that make this $15 burger worth every bite. It's a food challenge, a prize winning culinary combination of flavors that make this not only a road-side attraction worth stopping at but an institution of deliciousness that I can say makes the McPhersonator Greensboro's No. 1 cheeseburger. Grab some of the finest onion-rings as a side, and you'll never take out-of-towners to anywhere else, ever again.

An epically huge burger at Elois. The Daddy is one burger you won't leave hungry or dissatisfied.

5. Elois Restaurant's Daddy Acre Burger - Bear Creek, NC
This burger is one that you must go and try it for yourself. The beef was still better at Johnson's, but this Grandma prepared, home-made, half-ton burger is epically huge, dripping with taste and flavor, and makes for the perfect pit-stop to almost anywhere.

Five Guys, with every topping they have.
6. Five Guy's Everything Double Bacon Burger - Greensboro, NC, Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC

Despite being a national chain, most people still haven't experienced Five Guys the way you should. Unlimited topping for free, and I get everything thanks to their Internet application: lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, ketchup, jalapenos, mayonnaise, mushrooms, green peppers, extra cheese and bacon. The thing is the size of a house, and despite its pop following. it is so good, that I can recommend it on this list in the No. 3 spot- but only ordered with everything.

Big Burger Spot's Bacon Bacon Burger and Chili Cheese Fries.

7. Big Burger Spot's  Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger - Greensboro, NC
Angus beef, applewood bacon, and for about $10 you can order it in Colossal form which is a 1 lb cheeseburger served on a pizza platter. Order the cheese fries, or ranch and bacon fries- but skip the chili in my opinion. It's probably the best burger in Greensboro, and one of our top competitors statewide.

Allen & Son's
8. Allen & Son's BBQ's Double Cheese Burger - Pittsboro, NC
Hand cut french fries, homemade buns, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and a mile-high double cheeseburger makes Allen & Son's Double Cheeseburger a definite winner. The trick is their BBQ sauce though. That's right, BBQ sauce! They sit it on the tables, and it's awesome on the burgers, fries, and of course their BBQ. Yum!

Rufus Burger = stone cold country.
9. Rufus's Restaurant's Rufus Burger - Goldston, NC
Before we ate at Elois, we visited the little town of Goldston for their delicious plus sized chili-cheeseburger in a Pepsi themed diner. Cost just $5, and it's one of the best burgers for the money you can get. The tastes were right, and the fries were surprisingly golden perfection.

Muzzie Burger - I swear they put crack in these things.
10. Kidd's Drive-In's Muzzie Burger - Liberty, NC
I grew up a few blocks from Kidd's, and I adore their simple cheeseburger. They're not huge, they're not exotic or special, and they don't hold a candle to Johnson's (our no. 1 pick), but yet I'm addicted to them. I crave them like a pregnant woman on a chili-burger zombie craze. There's just something about the simplicity of their method that produces a product, I can't buy anywhere else.

Notable Mentions:
Cook-Out's HUGE Cheddar Style or A1 Style - Greensboro, NC, Asheboro, NC, Burlington, NC
Epic comfort food at Cook-Out.
Cook out is one of the few restaurants in the top-10 that doesn't include a chili burger. They do serve one, it just doesn't compare to the competitors. However, their A1 and cheddar style burger are still some of the most delicious fast-food(s) in North Carolina, and it deserves a place in the top 10 for their unique artery clogging deliciousness.

The Rollie Burger with Mac & Cheese sauce fries. 
Chris's Drive-In's Rollie Burger - Siler City, NC
It's crinkle-cut fries in Velveeta that's been creamed to a gravy that first makes you go, "hmmm", followed by "miammmm" when you bite into their Rollie Burger. You can't lose with the combination of a delicious burger, chili-cheese fries, and unlimited lemonade.

Beef Burger's Cardiac Killer
(Biff's) Beef Burger's Super Burger - Greenboro, NC
Served from the whirl-a-burger of cooking apparatuses, the same way since the hamburger was invented, this cheeseburger is infamous around UNCG. It's an old-fashioned style burger that can only be described as  a true fifties style drive-in burger with true grease appeal. You're going to feel dirty, and wild after one of these.

Hurricane Jane's Velvetta Twister
Hurricane Jane's Velveeta Burger - Liberty, NC
The Velveeta Burger crawls north into Hurricane Jane's as a tropically inspired restaurant with a darn good burger, and chili-cheese fries. It's far better than anything you'll find in a drive-thru, and for the price of what you get, it is a great deal. In addition, it's one of the only burger places where you can enjoy a beer with your burger- which makes this Velveeta Burger one of the most worthwhile burgers to obtain in NC.

Country BBQ's Chili-Cheese Burger - Greensboro, NC
Country BBQ's Traditional Southern Chili Burger.
When I worked on Wendover in the 90s, this was the defacto lunch spot, and all I knew as a chili-burger. They still pound out hundreds of their chili-cheese burgers daily, and while they're dwarfed by our top-three cheeseburgers, I can still say I love a Country BBQ chili-cheese burger. Technically you might want to get a sack of them, four or five minimum. They're like snack burgers, addictive, cheap, and oh yeah, you can order crinkle cut fries by the pound.

Of course, I'm always open to modifying, and adding to this list as information comes along. If you think have a contender for a the top ten, send me a email, or comment below, and I'll do my best to check it out!
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