North Carolina Big Foot Expedition Begins

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Published on September 1st, 2006, 11:48 pm
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Something you probably won't read about in the local newspapers, is the ongoing expedition to prove Big Foot is real. That expedition is coming to North Carolina.

If you're unfamiliar with the whole Bigfoot theory, it all hinges on one expedition from 1967 labeled the Patterson expedition. That controversial footage has been played and replayed on national television without anyone able to disprove it's validity.

Most Bigfoot fans speculate that a Sasquatch is actually a descendant of something called a Gigantopithecus, a giant gorilla that roamed the earth the same time as humans. At over 1200 pounds, those in search of a Yeti in North Carolina might get more then they ask for if they discover it.

The expedition is set to begin next weeks September 7-10. And more information can be found here. The good news is, since this is North Carolina, they won't have any problem finding a taxidermist.
September 1st, 2006, 11:48 pm
Oooooh, and one can join the expedition for only $400, not including food, lodging or transportation.
September 2nd, 2006, 7:41 am
Didn't the guy who stat the original quest in the 60s admit on his death bed that the film was of his buddy in his custom?
September 2nd, 2006, 7:55 am
Oooooh wrote:Oooooh, and one can join the expedition for only $400, not including food, lodging or transportation.

I saw that. What's the 400 dollars for? I say we mount our own Greensboring expedition:: price? Gas money and ammo.
September 2nd, 2006, 9:14 am
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There may be Sasquatches living in Western North Carolina, according to an expedition launched by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in Madison County.

“There’s more than one of these things in Madison County,” President of BFRO Matt Moneymaker said.

BFRO spent four days beginning Sept. 6 searching for Bigfoot in the Hot Springs area.

Bryan Tarnowski & Jon LaFontaine | Photo Illustration

After two days of searching with no findings, a portion of the 25 researchers claim to have heard sasquatch noises while camping in a very remote part of Madison County.

“They make very distinctive noises,” Moneymaker said.

According to the BFRO Web site, Madison County is “the most reliable sighting area in the state.”
“I’ve never heard anything about Bigfoot,” junior social sciences major and Madison County native Ashley Metcalf said.

Moneymaker said there is a history of reports not far from the Appalachian Trail and Sasquatches may begin using the trail at night.

Amateur paranormal researcher Dakota Waddell said there are several different types of sasquatches.
The west-coast Sasquatch is thought to be 7 to 12 feet high and weigh between 800 and 900 pounds while the east-coast Sasquatch is thought to be much smaller, somewhere between 4 and 6 feet tall and weighing between 200 and 500 pounds.

“It’s not your typical ‘Harry and the Henderson’s’ type ape,” Waddell said.

The expedition has excited many researchers because they believe it may help gather more information about the creatures.

“This may inspire people to come forward with their stories,” Micah Hanks, chief field investigator for the League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained Phenomenon Research, said.

While a good number of the Sasquatch reports made are false, many of them are taken very seriously by organizations like BFRO.

“Over the years we’ve become pretty adept at spotting your average story-telling fool,” Moneymaker said.

The organization classifies evidence into class A and B. Class B evidence is secondary such as a footprint, whereas Class A evidence is more concrete, such as confirmed eyewitness accounts.
However, not everyone is convinced.

According to an article in the Asheville Citizen-Times, Sasquatch research suffered a major blow in Seattle four years ago when family members of the late Ray L. Wallace announced that he had started the Bigfoot legend in 1958 by wearing an ape costume.

Despite these claims, Bigfoot researchers continue to look for evidence of the creature.

“There’s a huge percentage of land and water that remains unexplored,” Waddell said. “So many creatures out there get discovered every day.”

One of the biggest obstacles for Bigfoot researches is that there have been no actual Sasquatches captured.
November 7th, 2006, 7:52 pm
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You might remember a few months back, an expedition, here in North Carolina set out to search & find our local Sasquatch.

Got an email today, kinda link bait spammy, but none the less a little intriguing. You decide:

You, or someone, states that BF research receivced a "major Blow" because
Ray Wallace's sons
said he had made all the BF tracks in the PNW.

Only a fool, or a newspaper man,accepts such claims as is.

I knew Wallace... it is impossible to make a mark with these unflexible
"feet" and they also cannot
penetrate the soil, since they SPREAD OUT THE WEIGHT.


Now, note new Bigfoot photo-


The Bigfoot Investigators & Researchers Organization
Box 9502,Berkeley,CA 94709 510-878-2468

After quality printing and enhancement, a Bigfoot photo taken recently on an expedition in CA
can now be shown. This finding lends support to Idaho State University professor Dr. Jeffery Meldrum
and his controversial position that such creatures do exist. Dr. Meldrum is under fire by a committee
of 30 other professors who feel his research is inappropriate for ISU.

Photos - view at

Bigfoot was photographed while unseen in High Sierras of CA, when members of
a camping trip
encountered screams by a possible Bigfoot in response to "Call blasting"
of other Bigfoot screams, and found several old Bigfoot tracks. However,
during a walk around the other side of a pond at the El Dorado National Forest
Site, ( between Stockton and Lake Tahoe) Jon-Erik Beckjord investigated a spot where girlfriend Chris Pitts
had seen a brief flash of what seemed like Bigfoot from the previous day,
and while standing there, took several photos of the campsite looking
across the pond. In two photos in 35mm color, using a pocket camera, there
appears to be a Bigfoot creature standing by a camp vehicle, looking back
at the camera. A head, torso, and a well-muscled arm are visible. Also, many people
are able to see a male organ on the creature in the photo. (Note - there was a tent rope to the tree, on which a pair of
white shorts were drying. Also the tent rope supported a blue tarp. Let there be no absurd comments
about the drying shorts, they had nothing to do with the creature but they did obscure part of the abdomen.) The head
has a strong and wide nose. In one shot, Ms Pitts is standing 30 feet away
and in the other, she is not visible. The film was 200 asa Kodak color print film. Shot 5 was normal view, and shot 6 was telephoto. Beckjord, the
photographer, did not see the creature, some 200 feet away, as often happens
at this site during previous expeditions. Assuming the car is 5.5 ft in height, the creature looks to be about 10 ft. For some reason,
these creatures feel safer when men are out of the camp area, such as across a creek or pond, at least 200 feet away. (Perhaps
they are traumatized by deer hunters with rifles, and are cautious.) In any case, they are more timid than chimps
at Gombe Stream, where Dr. Jane Goodall did her research. Dr. Goodall has stated several times that she feels there is
possibility that such large primates as these may inhabit North America.

Several biologists have viewed the image, and one has been willing to make a limited statement. Dr. Thomas Tomasi
of SW Missouri State Univ., says that it looks to him like "a large unidentified primate".
People on the street, of all backgrounds, from doctors to clerks, say: "What's that big monkey?"

Queries can be made at 510-878-2468 with email [email protected]

Photo is (c)2006 Jon-Erik Beckjord but press can have one-time use at no charge.

Contact info: Jon-Erik Beckjord,(Mensa member)(Berkeley MBA)(Eagle Scout & former USAF Academy cadet under Honor System)
(We mention this since several skeptics have accused us of fraud, as they always do in all cases, and this background
listed relates to the BSA and cadet honor systems. We tell no lies and will take a lie detector test.)
510-878-2468 - ///cell 510-575-5887

Master shot at 200 ft. Frame no 6. 35mm Kodak Gold., ASA 200. 50 mm lens.

Close up of car area.
White object is underwear that is hanging on a clothesline. The same clothesline supports a blue tarp.
Red circle is over male organ. Lower white object is hood of car. On the right is a dark tree trunk. The photo
shows first the tree trunk, then the tarp and underwear, then the car, and then Bigfoot. Bigfoot is standing next
to a large ice chest of food that was left on the far side of the car, but on the ground and not visible here.

Long photo cropped to show Ms Pitts on rt in blue shirt, and Bigfoot by car, on left by tree. The green brush seen in the center obscured
her view of the Bigfoot.

Head -Sierra Campground BF Patterson-Gimlin film 1967 Bigfoot head -- Somewhat similar to each other for first time.
Grainy? Well, the range was 200 feet. The enlargement is over 200 x. Any such enlargement will seem grainy. Bigfoot does not
stand and pose, like a cow or squirrel.

(c) 2006 Jon-Erik Beckjord -one time free use permitted per outlet.
There is 100% no fakery involved here. Will take lie detector test if needed.
Photoshop not used, this was from original 35mm neg. which a lab can examine.
We have such a lab in San Francisco, with experts available. Beckjord is
a photographer and Pitts is an erotic artist.

WHY IS ENLARGEMENT FUZZY? Enlargement is 200 x enlarged and distance was 200 feet. Of course it is
fuzzy. Take a photo of a friend on the other side of a football field, and see what you get.

email us or call - 510-787-5887 cell - 510-575-5887 VM 415-289-2277

Included with the email was 4 attachments, one of which I must say looks precariously like a preschool drawing. Aww.... Cute Cuddely Yehties

November 8th, 2006, 7:13 pm
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