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Published on April 27th, 2007, 10:42 am
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Imagine for a moment, that all the conspiracy rumors, all the stories about 9/11, UFOs, Government cover-up, etc, are all exactly just that: conspiracies. The world we live in, comes at face value. Then why do we as a human race require concocting such fantasies in our minds? Is it some need to create conspiracies when there isn't? Does the human brain require imagination in order to function.

Or is it these conspiracies are often at least partially true and this is by some mechanism by which humans question it's environment?

I mean after all, no one wants to come off as a complete loon, (although I know I do) but is it more likely that big foot does exist then he doesn't? That a spacecraft crashed in Roswell rather then some down weather balloon, or that George Bush did rig the election, and have some sort of part in 9/11?

Not to say all conspiracies are true, but if the world is "plain Jane" and people are just being honest but imaginative, does that technically enable us to rule out deception.

On the other hand, if we accept mankind is good at lying, deceiving, and we find it provable and common in daily life, wouldn't that be a clear indicator that indeed some of things we're told by people in power may actually be false?

Does that not scare the crap out of you that the world in essence may in truth be more similar to an X-Files episode then a leave it to beaver episode?

There's a spectrum of the truth of reality. On one end we live in a world where Aliens have been to Earth, the Egyptians had technology beyond our understanding, and George Bush is a deceptive, cheating, bastard. On the other end of the spectrum, we've got a large portion of the worlds population suffering from psychosis, and a few normal people who live out their mundane and simple lives with out questioning the world around them.

The question is who is right? Is the world a plain and simple, face-value, most people are honest and good? Or is the world some superficial comic book were each of us suffer a superman/lex Luther bipolar disorder, all victims of each others mind-games?
April 27th, 2007, 10:42 am

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