Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top Wedding Ceremony Locations In Greensboro

Married like a fairy tale at Castle McCulloch.
Wedding Ceremony Locations
 Updated for 2014!

One of our most popular posts on my blog is this. Sort of ironic when you consider I got married in a jail house. Here's to regrets, and happy endings:

Where to get married in Greensboro? Here's your list.

1. Magnolia Manor
Dreaming of the Southern Style Wedding, set in countryside? This turn-of-the-century estate with double stairways and marble-laden rooms will make your wedding almost as good as the movie Gone With The Wind.

2. Bona Manzee 
Bona Manzee's website says the phrase means place of water, and I'm familiar with the African proverb: Drive peace my colleagues (Dere amani manzee). It's retreat and reception center about twenty-five miles north of Greensboro, and looks to be the definitive remote, rustic cabin in the woods, capable of being dressed up as southern seclusion, or Swahili exotic. Owners Hardy and Cornel can make this place bonafide perfect.

3. The Arboretum (Giant Wind Chimes)
Old Mill
If music is an important part of your life, consider having your wedding in the beautiful flower gardens of the Arboretum, sports thousands of different flowers and trees, the most perfect rose gable, and my favorite part: giant, thirty foot tall, resonating musical wind-chimes that prove to be the perfect backdrop to the beginning of your new life. Here's a youtube video to give you and idea, but I highly recommend a visit there to get a sense for how cool this thing really is. 

4. Old Mill of Guilford
Imagine an 18th century working grist mill as your backdrop, with the best pineapple cornbread in as parting gifts. You'll love their little wooden swinging bridge over the river, to always remember the riverside wedding in your picturesque pictures.

Bog Gardens
5. Bog Gardens
I always think of Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder every time I go to this park. It's certainly my favorite of all of Greensboro's beautiful parks. Adorned with an elevated boardwalk, winding through 8,000 trees, plants, and flowers; it's the metaphorical Garden of Eden for right here in Greensboro.

6. Chinqua Penn Plantation
 (Unconfirmed closed temporarily)  It's an English manor estate built upon tobacco money. Sure the Penn's with their riches traveled the world and "bought" King Tut's chair for you to have your wedding in front of, but while you're giving your vows, some Pharaoh has no where to sit. Yet if you must have an English Wedding, my dear princess, then clearly you might check into Chinqua Penn. My tip is schedule it around Christmas and get the thirteen Christmas trees for free.

7. The Gardens at Gray Gables.
 Think 'Sweet Home Alabama', and southern style weddings. It's a vintage house, in a rural area, just close enough to the big city so you don't forget where you came from. We're not sure if you can rename it Gay Gables for your same sex ceremony or not, but it's worth asking.

8. The Grandover Resort
 Let's say you can't afford to fly the entire family to Europe, but you're darn sure your Eden's day is going to be on par with a wedding in Monte Carlo, well, then, The Grandover is the answer. Expensive, but cheaper than a private jet to the south of France. The heart's you'll break getting married here will be worth your mother-in-law's second mortgage to pay for it.

9. The Carolina Theatre
Into Phantom of the Opera, or maybe just a lover of drama? Perhaps you and your beau met in Ragsdale High-School's performance of "Something Happened on The Way To The Forum?" If so, the Carolina Theatre is the most dramatic backdrop for your black curtain, red-rose wedding.

10. Castle McCulloch
One of the most popular places to have a wedding in the Piedmont. This one of a kind real life castle with draw-bridge and medieval forest is sure to be on the top of Greensboro brides.

11. O'henry Hotel
Perhaps the most historical and elegant place to have a wedding in Greensboro is the O'henry hotel. Its great for those looking for a place to have a 30's style wedding and the big band to boot.

12. Bicentiennial gardens
If you love flowers and want a beautiful outdoor wedding. Greensboro's Bicentennial gardens are exactly the place to get married.

13. Kress Terrace
For that unique roof-top wedding, look no further than Kress Terrace. Atop, the Kress building in historic downtown, breath-taking views await the bride and groom on their wedding day.

14. Blandwood's Carriage House
The Blandwood Carriage house is the ideal location, for the bride in need of both a historical setting, convenient location, and a multifaceted reception space all in one.

15. The Groome Inn 
The Groom Inn is a country side manor built in 1900. Set in the countryside of Greensboro, this refurbished home provides the perfect backdrop for your Carolina wedding.

16. The Empire Room
A photogenic, elegant space located on the tree lined Elm street in downtown. This elegant ballroom is the perfect wedding space for your royal wedding.