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Greensboring is an online blog about public relations, marketing and communications. It's written by Liv Jones who has lived on and off in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina for most of her life.

Of course it hasn't always been that way. This website has went through variations over the years including a widely regarded hyper-news source and blog. While working on my master's degree in Wales in public relations the website sat dormant for quite sometime.

 When I came back to North Carolina I really wanted to blog from a communications standpoint and it made perfect sense to use this domain to do so. Growing up in Greensboro, as teenagers, we often referred to the city of Greensboro as Greensboring because we believed that it lacked excitement and things to do. Indeed, it's always been a family-centric area of conservative morals that has been in conflict with the millennial mindset. A lot has changed but the persistence of the city's reputation by common usage of the phrase greensboring remains popular among students and residents today.

Author Marianne Gingher sums it up in her book, Amazing Place: What North Carolina Means for Writers:
Greensboro, North Carolina dubbed the Gate City, Greensboring, we teenagers called the place. Grimsboro. Gate to nowhere. I didn't know anybody whose dreams were to stay. There wasn't anything wrong with the place, it was just such a normal town. 

Regardless of your personal opinion, the city has a thirty year old public relations dilemma which it has never been able to conquer. Could it? Maybe, but I've never been asked. It's such an interesting case study because it's gone on so long.  It's now been carved into the culture and is a part the backstory to the city of Greensboro. It's in books, newspapers (Forbes) and movies. 

In the past, using such a colloquial reference has often put me at the center of debate but that's when it hit me. Why not embrace the term for all that it is and make it the perfect place to write on such matters of communication?

So there it is and away we go....

Welcome to, where we discuss everything from marketing, communication to public relations. 

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