Canadians Think America is Great despite America's Lack of Purpose

Canadians Think America is Great despite America's Lack of Purpose

Sometimes it's easy to take the negative approach to public relations. Trump wants to make America great again and everyone seems to know what's wrong with America. Then a group of Canadians decided to send a love letter to American voters through their campaign Let's Tell America It's Great.

Sounds great.

Considering how close the world is watching American elections right now, this bit of positivism reminds us how important this election is to everyone in the world. After all isn't the pursuit of happiness the most American of all our values? But ask the average American if they're happy and a lot of them would say no. I suppose I should admit, I'm one of them.

In fact we're less happy than right before the Great Depression. Why? People might suggest it's low wages or an inability to live the lifestyle previous generations have enjoyed, but I suspect it has more with our lack of a sense of purpose. There is no space race, no dream of American home ownership, no music revolution. There's no sense of excitement left in America and just maybe if a politician could tap into a dream- a sense of purpose for every American, we would think it's as great as Canadians do.

Of course this campaign, created by an agency called The Garden has blown up online. Hillary or Trump could have only dreamed of having such a campaign associated with their efforts. In contrast to the numerous negative campaign ads, it's worth taking note of what a positive disposition can bring to your work.
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