Monday, October 25, 2010

Winston Salem's Cemetery Street Ghost

Guest Post by Crystal C.:

There is a very big and very old cemetery located in downtown Winston-Salem. It is located on Cemetery Street.

On a hill, under a tall oak tree, lies a grave marked, "Robah." The marker is in the shape of a cross, for those of you who are curious.

In the 1970's, a group of teenagers were partying in the graveyard, like most teenagers do, drinking and smoking. They came across the area where Robah is eternally resting, or is he?

They sat down and while drunk on the cheap wine they were consuming, they asked old Robah to have a drink or two with them. They included him in their conversations, although at the time, Robah did not answer.

As they were leaving to go home, one young man asked Robah to come on with them. They laughed and got in their car.

The next day, Delia, a young girl who was with the group the night before, was at home making a sandwich as she was getting ready to watch some television. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, so she left the kitchen to answer the door. When she opened the door, there stood no one. Deciding that the visitor must have left, she returned to the kitchen to find that the glass of milk she had just poured was now all over the floor, and the sandwich she had just made was sitting on top of the television. Knowing that she was alone in the house, and she had no pets to tip over the glass of milk, she found herself horrified.

She immediately left her home to go the neighbors. She called her mother, who was then at work and told her what had happened. Her mother told her that she must had sat the milk too close to the edge causing it to spill, but Delia did not even hear the glass break. Her mother also told her that Delia must had placed the sandwich atop the television and just simply forgot doing so. Delia knew this was not the case.

Over the next few days, Delia experienced many unexplained things only when she was alone in her home. Doors would open and shut on there own, lights would turn on and off by themselves, sounds of dishes breaking, but to mess to be seen.

Finally, at her wits end, she remembered her friend inviting Robah to come home with them that eventful evening a week or so before. She wondered why she was enduring this as she did not invite this spirit. She called the young man who had indeed invited Robah to ask if he had been experiencing some disturbances. When the young man answered the phone, Delia could hear the exhaustion in his voice. She told him everything that had happened, and he too, informed her that likewise things had been plaguing him as well. They concluded it must be Robah.

They decided to take a drive back to the cemetary and invite Robah to tag along. As they pulled up to the cemetery, they got out of the car and told Robah, "This is your stop. Go on home now." They waited for about five or ten minutes, then sped off.

When I interviewed Delia, she informed me that after that afternoon, she nor the other young man, experienced anything paranormal again.

**** I have visited the graveyard many times over the last few years, making sure I was accompanied with others. When I came across the marker belonging to Robah, I experienced a static like charge in the air. I could sense that this spirit is very active however. As I walk through this particular graveyard, I experience a "pull" especially when walking in front of the mausoleums on the bottom location of the cemetery.

I STRONGLY advise that if anyone visiting the area for paranormal reasons, make sure they do not invite such spirits or antagonize them in any way. As this is just disrespectful and meaningless. You do not want to "bring something home" that you can not handle.

Crystal C.