Monday, May 19, 2014

Greensboro Pound Cakes

Just over a week ago I graduated from UNCG. I am now a happily unemployed, educated, member of society, trying to recover from several years of brutal higher education. What to do? Go get ice-cream! While hanging out at my favorite (and only) ice-cream shop actually on a farm, Homeland Creamery, I discovered a pound cake (sitting right there on the counter). I was already in a glutenous mood, so why not add to my problems by taking one home? After all, this may be the last time that I can actually afford to buy such indulgences before the shackles of student loans come to enslave me.

So what's a girl to do, but buy the $14 pound cake and take it home? Here to find out it's from a local woman named Donna Kay. She delivers her homemade "breads and sweets" around the Greensboro area for over twenty years according to her website.  By all appearances she's doing everything right? (cringe) However I did not like the pound cake I received (sorry Donna!). Now, I'm no pound cake expert, but what I received tasted like a giant sugar cookie. If you're really, really into sugar cookies, then this is the cake for you. For me it was too dry, and well, to be blunt, it tasted nothing like a pound cake.

I of course will judge every pound cake by the best I've ever had. I've had the same problem with Mille Feuilles (Napoleons in English). I had one in Paris and nothing I've ever had in the U.S. will ever amount to it. Once you've had the best, nothing will live up to it.

Of course, if you may have some weird fantasy with sugar cookies, by all means, give Donna a call.