Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Butcher's Bacon of Triad Meat Market

As Louis C.K. once said, bacon is so good we wrap other foods in it to make them better.
So we pretty much have stopped buying bacon at the grocery store. Why? We found something better. The Butcher's bacon. Go over to the meat market (Triad Meats) on Randleman Road and order up a pound of fresh bacon. They have both thick and thin, the thicker of the two has a "skin" to it, while the thin is what we're all mostly accustomed to (I've yet to find bacon with the bones in it like I did in Spain though.). It's outrageously good, and exponentially better than any bacon you can buy in the store.

Don't stop there, they've got other interesting meats at the Triad Meat Market like Neese's sausage links. I didn't even know such things existed, but they're great! Fry some up and they make excellent hot-dogs. Their pre-seasoned whole roasted chickens make dinner easy and tasty, and if you're too lazy to make chili (because mine is better) then I recommend the brand in in the red-and-white tub sold in their refrigerator.

It's seriously good food and for instance, the bacon is only $3.99 a pound. That's about the same price as what's at the grocery store.

The only downside, is they're still not the meat markets of the North, with landjagers and sausages hanging from the ceiling. If only I could find that!

Of course once you get the most delicious bacon of your life home, you then have to decide how to cook it. Shannon is the old-school type, breaking out the iron-skillet, and waiting what seems like an epically long time for the juicy goodness. On the other hand, I'm the microwave type. To me it tastes just as good and takes only six minutes. Yep just place the bacon on a plate, nuke on high for six minutes and then with a pair of tongs rinse under hot-water (if you need instant bacon indulgence) or allow to cool to non-volcanic temperature over a period of ten or so minutes.