Saturday, July 13, 2013

Best Burger in Greensboro: The $15 Mcphersonator

The McPhersonator: Best Burger in Greensboro
So I had a coupon for McPherson's Bar & Grill I hadn't used until yesterday. I purchased it while going to school at GTCC (G-Tech baby!) but had never used it. Well on our way to PTI to pick up the rental car, we stopped by the Adam's Farm Shopping Center for some lunch. I wasn't expecting much, but what I found was awesome. I found the The Mcphersonator!

After all, I recently thought I had found all the best burgers in North Carolina (Top 10 Best Burgers in NC). I wasn't going to McPherson's to work, or to blog, just to relax. It was totally unexpected. Everything was amazing, my son claims his burger was better than my own home cooking (he is now disowned). We started off with some buffalo shrimp which were incredible. These "hot-shrimp" were such a simple concept, but amazing in taste. Don't be fooled by their menu which lists servings at a 1/2 pound, as that only equates to about ten shrimp. Not cheap, but darn delicious.

In fact nothing on McPherson's is cheap (our bill came to $65 before tip). In fact it's downright expensive, but honestly, and I don't say this lightly- it's worth it. $16.95 for a cheeseburger doesn't make it the most expensive burger I've ever had, but it is the most expensive I've had in the U.S. (to my recollection).

I paid nearly that for a truffle burger in Brussels, but this burger is mind-boggling huge. It's like the death-star of cheeseburgers, it's like swallowing a SUV of beef. It's not just quantity though, it's absolutely delicious. It IS the best burger in Greensboro hands down.

The McPhersonator is a double patty cheese burger made up of over 1 lb of beef, 1/2 pound of corn beef, bacon, onions, provolone, swiss, cheddar, mushrooms, special sauce and mayonnaise.

And it's as epic in your mouth as much as out of it. I swallowed suit-case sized bites along with the help of my family, and conquered this hub-cap sized burger in minutes. Tonight woman won.

To make it even better was the chicken-fried purple onion-rings. Some of the best I ever had, were just absolutely fabulous.

While I could barely walk by the time I left, I knew I'd be soon modifying my best-of-list, and I can honestly say this is my favorite burger in Greensboro. It's the best I've found in town, and they shouldn't change a thing. Kudos to you McPherson's- you are my new burger heroes. Everyone needs to try one of these immediately.