Monday, June 30, 2014

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Review

Chance, my son, recently went with his grandparents to see Transformers: Age of Extinction. I asked him to write a review when he came home, and I told him I'd post it online.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is everything you would expect in a Transformers movie: slow motion explosions, guns, and giant alien robot vehicle fights. Oh yeah, I shouldn't forget to mention the dinosaurs? However, It is the first Transformer movie without Decepticons, and the first sequel with a new main protagonist.
Generally, Transformer movies consist of Sam Witwicky helping Bumblebee save the world from Decepticons. However, in this movie Cade Yeager, a in-debt engineer with an interest in robotics helps Optimus Prime save Tokyo from being turned into scrap metal. Yeager, who fixes things to make a living, sees an opportunity to make money when he buys an old semi-truck which he intends to strip it down for parts. He later learns that the truck is an injured Autobot in hiding. After the Battle of Chicago, all Transformers are being hunted down by the U.S. Government. As he starts trying to repair the Autobot, the Government comes for the truck. After this insane scene, he, his daughter, and her boyfriend are on the run from the Government and alternate artificial Transformers, as they try to save Tokyo from being demolished from a device called the Seed.

 I would rate Transformers: Age of Extinction 8.5/10, contrary to other critics who gave it rock bottom scores due to a small story-line or too much action. Do you go see Transformers for the story? Do you watch a horror movie for comedy? No, it’s just how the movie is. Its like saying Dumb and Dumber isn't philosophical enough. You go to Transformers for the gun and sword wielding fighting alien robots, not for a movie about a person who finds true love. Of course all movies need plot, some more than others, but Transformers is the best action movie I have seen this summer so far, and although not my favorite movie, it is a movie I wouldn't mind watching multiple times. It is definitely a movie you should watch at least once. It’s a movie great for any age, for anyone, and it's movie no one could hate.
-Chance Jones 


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